Cold Coagulation discharge/bleeding

Just wondering if people could share their experiences of side affects after Cold Coagulation or Lletz.


I had Cold Coagulation to destroy CIN II cells 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I had some period like pains for about an hour after treatment then felt fine. I had no issues for about 3 days. I then started with a clear watery discharge. 8 days after treatment it turned pink and I am now bleeding lightly and the discharge is no longer watery. The discharge is now blood stained and stains sanitary towels brown (like at the end of a period). There is sometimes a bit of blood when I wipe after going for a wee. I have no smell or pain (at the moment). My period is due next week and I have been advised that it may be heavier than normal.


Have other ladies had similar side effects after treatment? What am I likely to notice next? What are the signs that your cervix has nearly healed?


Many thanks x

Hiya Hun sounds about normal to me! I'm 3 weeks post lletz, bleeding is only really apparent when I go to the toilet so I presume it will just get less and less over the next few weeks... Think some people take longer than others to heal as it may take up to 6 weeks :) 


I had my LLETZ last Wednesday and got my period the day after which was normal. Since then I've had a watery discharge which keeps going from red to pink to brown but not enough to need a sanitary towel, I am using panty liners at the moment. Using sudocrem on my sore 'bits' where the towels/liners have been rubbing and that has helped. My period was actually nearly a week late (through stress I think as it is never, ever late) so no idea when the next one will be. Awaiting LLETZ results.. 



I had the cold coagulation to remove cells a week ago and have had sever stomach pains since. I bled heavily for the first 3/4 days now have a lot of watery discharge. As of last night I have started to eel a stinging sensation when I go to the toilet. As it has been the Easter bank holiday weekend I've not been able to call a doctor but I didn't think this much pain was normal. Any tips? 



was  wondering how you got on after the symptoms , I had cold coagulation done last week and have a very watery (not very nice smelling) discharge , I also started with bad stomach cramps last night but didn't want to bother the doctor? Any advise would be welcomed x


I had my cold coagulation yesterday ànd I was under the impression that once this had been done I would have no more cin or hpv. However I have been reading up on it and it says cells will be tested? 

I am really worried in case it comes back that something may have spread. 

Does anyone know what the chances are of it spreading with cin1? 

I have had this since 2013 and I am really worrying. 

Thanks x

Hi guys, 

I had cold coagulation a week ago today for CIN III results  and I was so so happy afterwards, I was dreading the experience but it was nowhere near as bad as I imagined.

So far I've had minor watery discharge, minor pain but one thing I have experienced that I've not seen anywhere is BLOATING. I feel like a puffa fish! Has anyone had this? I look about 6 months pregnant! 

To anyone worrying about cold coagulation - don't! It's really really not bad! 

I agree.. had cold coag. 2 weeks ago. Was a nervous wreck! Had knumbing spray put on lady parts and it was over and done with before I knew it. Biopsy hurt more. 

After was ok too. Bit cramps and bled heavily for two days but now just pinkish watery discharge. 

Five mins of uncomfy is better than months of agonising chemo and radio. And you have the rest of your life back. Prevention is better than cure and we are lucky to have this . 

Hugs to lovely people x

Hi all,

I have been told I need treatment however my partner and I want to have a baby in the next few years and have read the potential implications of having a premature birth with LLETZ treatment. This isn’t the case with cold coagulation and I’m struggling to find somewhere that will perform the procedure. Can I ask where you had the cold coagulation procedure. If you have the doctor’s name, even better?

Many thanks
Marcel xx