Closed Cervix

Been to the hospital today for my yearly smear after cgin back in 2016. 

I have the two smears, the normal one and the one that goes higher up. 

The nurse had problems taking both smears but in particular the second one as she said my cervix was completely closed! She’s had to force it open to take the smears. 

She said it’s possible it’s hapoened because of the number of loops I’ve had done. 

my periods are funny, and don’t flow well, which I guess explains the closed cervix. 

Should I be worried? 

the nurse has said She’s like to refer me for a scan to see what’s going on but to wait for my smear results first. 

anyone else had this?? 

Hi I have this problem and they call it unsatisfactory colposcopy due to my treatment. The consultant wasn’t worried in December as my smear was clear but he said it will always be difficult to take a smear now, yippee lol.  We  may look at hysterectomy in the future but he said it was important to keep getting checked each year for a while. He said recurrence chance was very low though so I’m not worried. Hope you feel less worried soon xx

Thank you that makes me feel a little less worried. 

Just the wait for my results now, hopefully my smear will be clear it was last year x

Did your smear come back clear xx

Yes smear came back clear as did all the swabs for infection. 

Ive had a scan last week so they can figure out why my cervix is closed, and to come up with a plan to try and fix it. 

Just waiting now to see the specialist for scan results and for him to run through options to dilate my cervix, it should of been next week but it’s been pushed back to April - more waiting!