Worried- referral for vaginal scan!

Hi Everybody.

This is my first post. Wasn't sure weather I should post or not. Anyway I'm petrified! I went for my routine smear on Friday 4th, the nurse took my swab and said she is referring me for a Colposcopy as there is an abnormality on my cervix. (I've already had a Colposcopy 6 years ago) Loop results from that were CIN1,2&3 clear margins. My last smear 2017 was negative! Today I got a call from the hospital to say I have an appointment for a vaginal scan on Saturday. Has anyone been for one of these and what was the outcome. I'm so scared! I don't know what to do and don't have anyone to talk to that understands.

Hi, I know it's easy for me to say but please try not to worry, you will be ok & the staff that do these scans are (in my experience) nice & understanding.
I've had quite a few internal scans over the years & while it's not something I'd rush to have done, they really aren't that bad. They use a lubricant on the probe which is a bit wider than a fat finger. It's more uncomfortable than painful & as long as you keep relaxed & keep taking deep breaths you will be ok. Sometimes when they are trying to get images of the ovaries it can be a bit uncomfortable. I've had mine as I've got endometriosis & also had an ovarian cyst. Did they give you any indictation what they think it might be? A polyp etc?

Hope it goes ok x

Thank you for your reply. I'm just a nervous wreck right now. Had another call today for a appointment to discuss results next week after the scan. The nurse who did my smear didn't say. She said there is something on the inner part of my cervix. She didn't say what. She just drew a picture. I'm thinking the worst! ?


I was referred for a transvaginal scan shortly after seeing my GP with what turned out to be symptoms of cervical cancer (abnormal discharge and bleeding).   It was initally considered that the most likely reason for my symptoms was uterine fibroids. The scan indicated a slight thickening of my uterus and I was referred for a hysteroscopy with a view to insertion of a hormonal implant into the uterus (it was during the hysteroscopy that abnormalities were observed on my cervix). 

I only had the external part of the transvaginal scan because the sonographer wasn't able to insert the probe into my vagina; however don't let that scare you - I was at the extreme end of being unable to tolerate any kind of internal examination. e.g neither my GP nor 2 gynaecologists could insert even the smallest speculum.

Hope all goes well for you


Thank you Jazza for your reply. 
ive had my scan and results with the Gynecologist on Wednesday. Results from the scan are normal. She did an internal exam (like a smear) and said about the abnormality on my cervix. I asked her if she could give me any idea of what it might be and she said no. She then said she is referring me for a Colposcopy which I'm still waiting for an appointment. I keep thinking the worst still as even a Gynecologist couldn't even give me a small bit of information on what has been seen on my cervix. They've not told me what colour is it or if it a mass or not! So I'm still very worried. I've also had my smear results back which were Negative. So I'm not really sure what's going on. 

Hi Kel05

Waiting for appointments and then results is one of the worst things for anxiety in this sort of situation.  I would be inclined to call the colposcopy clinic to try and find out when your appointment might be; possibly worth mentioning that your gynae can see an abnormality which might help to bring your date forward - also you might want to offer to accept a cancellation appointment.