Early Smear Request

HI everyone,

I've been lurking for a couple of months and finally worked up the courage to post something! Today of all days, my 24th birthday.


I was wondering if anyone else had actually gone to the doctor to request an early smear and been immediately referred for a colposcopy? That in itself has worried me


I have a history of cysts on the outside of my vaginal opening so always 'check' myself and found a hard but painless spot about 6 months ago on my cervix I only recently went to my GP as I thought maybe you can just get spots down their as with all other parts of your body.


Anyways, the look on his face when he investigated with just his naked eye is still fresh in my mind I could see worry on his face and rather than referring me for a smear like I asked he referred me straight for a colposcopy.


So my colposcopy is Monday and I have spent today crying my eyes out at the thought of what this could be and of course the knock on effect it COULD have on my future life plans and guilt my boyfriend of 6 years is stuck with me.


A lot of the stories I've been reading are from routine smears and I wondered if anyone else had sensed something wasn't right and asked to be referred? 


Lauren xx

Hi Laurenamber

Firstly, welcome to the forum! Unfortunately I haven't experienced this so can't advise but I just wanted to say please try not to panic or worry, I'm sure everything will be ok and if the result is that there are some abnormal cells, the good news is that it's completely treatable. We are also here to help and support you whatever the outcome!

When I had my first smear (paid for it privately as had symtoms of CC but too young for nhs to do one) the doctor took a look at the wand, saw that it was covered in blood and said 'that's a bit worrying' and then after sat me down and went through life expectancy with me!! I went for a coffee with a friend after and was talking about wigs.. I was in such a state and convinced I was dying. I do understand that fear and worry especially when it comes from a medical professional but as I said try not to worry at the moment Hun until you know what is going on 'down there' ... It might be all ok :)

The forum is a great place to get out all your concerns though and ask any questions you may have so please don't be shy xxx