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Hi ladies, I hope your all ok

i have just got back from my 1 year check up smear previous history : my first smear at 25 came back with high grade but when I had colposcopy it just showed grade 1(no treatment) 6 month check up colpscopy showed slight abnormal cells and HPV virus. Called back 1 year for smear at hospital which brings me to now

ive had a few problems down there for a good few months, but today the nurse said I've got a slight prolapse and a very mushy cervix that bleeds when slightly touched. I'm only 26 and I don't know what this means. I've got to wait now for my results I understand this is not half a worrying as the rest if the women are going through but never heard of a bleeding cervix and to be honest she's scared the hell out of me saying when I left her to go see my gp to get refurred to see a gyne doc ASAP . I'm worried if the year wait for this smear was to long and this is something sinister. I would appreciate any replies. Hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx

Hi Pezneill,

Sorry to hear about your problems. I know bleeding can occur on the cervix and they do like to investigate it. I'm not sure of all the causes, but I know they are not all cancer related. It's probably a good idea to let your GP know what the nurse said. She probably think's it's worth getting a specialist to take a look just in case. 

Try not to worry in the mean time. Keep your GP informed and stay on the case until you feel reassured.


hi sunset dawn

thank you for your reply, yes got in touch with GP , going to see nurse on Tuesday 

I will just have to keep busy this weekend and stay off google lol

have a good weekend 


first things first - don't google - everybody is different. 

What did they say at your colposcopy around abnormal cells and HPV Today? This could help you work out possibly how sinister it is and rule out things that may make you anxious?:) 



I used to have a cervical erosion.  Never sure exactly what it was, but it did used to bleed, especially after sex.

Hi girls, the lady said she couldn't get a good sample at smear because of my prolapse :( , I kinda got upset as I was on my own and she didn't really explain why my cervix was bleeding just said it wasn't normal, to be honest I just kind of froze up and then left there. I just hope my go refers me quickly. They did say at my last colposcopy (last year) that my abnormal cells were under control and nothing to worry about, surely if they were then I would of had some sort of treatment. But I'll keep off Google as like you said and get myself seen by gp then hopefully get seen soon x