My 6 month check !

Hi ladies ,

I haven't been on here for a while . I had my first smear in may 2013 which came back abnormal so I had a colposcopy - the nurse said it looked fine but wanted to take some biopsys and that I had the HPV virus ?! Well I lefthospital thinking all was fine I'll have another smear in 3 years ...... Forward 2 weeks I got my biopsy results through I had CIN1 and they wanted me to go back for another colposcopy in 6 months ! I didn't quite know what to make of it as I thought well shouldn't I be having treatment to remove or something 

Well today is my apointment , I'm worried as I have been getting back pains and still have bleeding ..... I know it's a good thing they didn't tell me to come back in 3 yrs but I can't help but be scared incase it's got worse 

Is there anyone that's gone through same as me ? 

Xxxxx thank u for reading 

Hi Perrie,

I had my 6month smear and now have to go in today for second colposcopy due to high risk hpv I too am a little confused so phoned the clinic and they explained that although no abnormal smear came back this time I am in a high risk category (hpv 16 18 ) she did not specify to me which one. She said they just want to check they did not miss anything as clearly my body is not fighting the virus off which if left would lead too cc so although im upset to go through this all again I'm trying to take comfort that they are thoroughly checking.

my hope is they will know more on hpv in the future as it's all new to them dealing with it like this. 

Hope all went well xx