I went for my smear on 14th Feb. The nurse was concerned as there was bleeding before she even took the swabs. She asked me to see my GP. I was very sore after the smear, cervical pain like cramps for few days.

When I saw the GP on 17th feb, she took more swabs and gave me antibiotics. Said she wanted me to be seen by Gynae. Got my gynae app for colposcopy a week or 2 later. As far as I know he just had a look and didnt put stanins etc on the cervix. He said it looked like an erosion/ectroption but was going to hold my notes until smear came back.Since then Ive spoken to the nurse who told me my smear shows borderline nuclear changes and also high risk HPV. Im now waiting to see the Gynae Doc again.....worrying times. I do have post-coital bleeding, spotting between periods, periods have gotten longer and clotty in last month or 2. Also have been suffering with lower back pain which feels like period pain for a couple of weeks. Anyone else in same boat as me? I have been talking to a nurse whose friend had exactly the same smear result as me and is now going for surgery to have a sliver of her cervix removed! Im terrified at the minute!


I didnt have any biopsies taken at the time of the colposcopy. And may I also add that the colposcopy is no worse than a smear, its a bit longer but the special chair they have you in means you are very comfortable.


Grateful for any advice :)

I too have been told I haev cervical ectroption only I haven't had a smear test in 3 years 8 months so its awkward (I don't think the gynae doctor was listening to me properly or she misunderstood). 

Saying don't worry won't make you stop worrying because I know I'm fretting myself but by the sounds of it you have a doctor (Gynae and GP) who are on top of things and if there is anything it sounds like they will have you receiving whatever treatment you may need in no time. 

I hope your gynae can put your mind at ease and sorry I couldn't be more helpful except for my lower back pain I've found painkillers and heat help ease it off.

Hi I was also diagnosed with Ectropion, and borderline nuclear changes in my cervical smear last September. I had Cryocautery treatment last October. Check due this October. I had a smear test done with my GP where it came back as low grade dyskaryosis (CIN 1). My smear was also tested for HPV, but was not detected as a high risk.  I was worried, but got advice from the Colposcopy department, where my consultant is base, and they said that I have notthing to worry about. My consultant said she was  happy to leave my follow up till October. Very nervous still but, I am sure it will all be ok. My sister had a similar experience, but she is ok now.