Hi All- first time posting.

Im in the early stages of the process and I think i just need to get this out somewhere.

History- for a few months now have been having intra menstual bleeding. I had been keeping an eye on it, eventually going to the doctor about it. Doctor wasn't particuarly concerned, as i would be a 'low risk', and we went through all the starndard tests - bloods, hormone tests, putting me on the pill to regulate etc.

Anyway- bleeding didnt get better, in fact got much worse. 1 week ago went for the smear 'just to rule out anything sinister'.

Nurse immediately went quiet and called in an external doctor for a second opinion. Apparently I have a visible mass, which during the exam was found to be extremly friable (embarressing :) )

I was referred to an urget appointment for a biopsy at the colposcopy clinic - appointment in 2 days time.

Doctor was concerned but has resolutely not mentioned the C word - but I have a gut feeling that this isnt going to turn out to be a nice little run of the mill polyp.

I know I need to wait untill I have full information before I go into worry mode, but my mind is going in all directions. I dont feel I can tell family or friends, as there is nothing to tell really yet- no point making a fuss untill there is a reason.

I don't really know what I want to get from posting here...I think maybe its just nice to get my thoughts out.

Anybody else here been through similar (and been fine?) 


i haven’t had that happen with me and I’m wishing you all the best that everything is ok and good luck with your appointment

im 28 and had my second smear a little over 3 month back and finally got my results. It’s came back saying I have slightly abnormal cells (low grade dyskaryosis) and been tested for HPV which has came back positive. No idea what grade the HPV is until I have my appointment at the hospital tomorrow. 

ive been worried sick and thinking the worst and googling it constantly which hasn’t helped!

it can feel like a lonely time can’t it times like this, although I’ve told my mum and partner and a few friends they’ve all been positive and not really spoke about it 

let us know when you’ve had your appointment and what’s happening x

Wishing you both all the best that all will be ok.  I found out last Friday  have CIN1 and HPV 18,  google doesn't help. I have my second colposcopy today , had one last year ,and the results were clear, and was told the HPV will clear up on its own ...  so a bit worried that this year there are CIN1 and the HPV is still there.  I have told close family and a couple of friends , they all say the same .. don't worry you will be fine .. which makes me feel silly for being so anxious about it !! 

Sending big hugs to you both



Hi I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t know what your mass is or will be but I can say there are other things than cancer, which can present as a mass So try to take comfort In that whilst it’s investiated. I had a nabothian cyst which is harmless but for your regular smear taker they have to refer you to be safe If they see anything. hopefully it is something similar.

I am currently waiting for my lletz biopsy results after being told I had severe grade abnormalities with no previous abnormalities other than HPV for 3 years. its a worrying time for us all at each step and with each different experience. im just glad we have this forum to talk together whilst we get it all over as quickly as possible! 

Good luck!