worried about results

Hi all i am really worried and was wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation?

I had a smear back in 2011 which came back with CIN3. I was refered to have a colocospy (i think thats how you spell it!) During the examination i was informed he couldn't continue as my cervix was badly covered and wouldn't be abke to treat here. So i was refered to have surgery and have a cone biopsy to remove a cone shape from cervix. I under went the surgery and the biopsy came back clear. I was then under 6mth checks. So i had a smear 6mths later and all was normal and went on to yearly smears. Since then i have missed smears. Summer of last year i started having spotting between periods, bleeding after sex, heavy white discharge, lower back ache etc. All known symptoms of cc. My husband started really nagging me to go and get a smear Because my periods have stopped i havnt had one since jan and they are always mostly at the start of every month and i haven't been feelimg well, very tired easily worn out and generally not myself.So i booked into see a gp. Who booked me in with a nurse for a smear. The gp took swabs to test for infections etc all came back clear. It's my own fault because i have left it too Long, busy mother and life and i guess the fear of what if! I had my smear on the 5th march and i am still waiting for results. I am suffering with back ache and abominal cramping And still feel strange and tired if i could i would just sleep. Some days the back pain is horrible and been using baths to help. I am very worried what the smear will say. Anyone experienced similar things?