Clear smear but abnormal biopsies

Why are all my smears normal?


InAugust 2015 I went to have my coil changed and GP noticed angry friable cervix?

As my last smear had been normal and I wasn't yet due another,she referred me to gynaecologist.

Seen in November a smear was done and referred for colposcopy biopsies.

I received my smear results end of November saying normal then received biopsy results in December 2015 CIN3! 

Had lletz procedure January 2016. Results said clear margins. After removing CIN3 & CIN1 cells. Repeatsmear in three years.

I then received letter to say because of discrepancies I could have repeat colposcopy in 6 months. July 2016.

I didn't receive my appointment in July so called them and received one for November 2016, I had colposcopy biopsies and another smear. Results came through in December 2016 saying normal smear but again CIN1 on biopsies?

Again letter says recommend cervical screen in 3 years but in light of history I can have repeat biopsies in a year, that will be at the end of this year.

Has anyone else been failed by smears? I really can't see any point in me having them! 

I am hoping that the CIN has taken care of itself by the time I get the next colposcopy.

This is one ongoing nightmare, they still have refused to put a coil back in until it is all clear!

I will update you on the results next year!!!


Well I have my third repeat colposcopy on 17.11.17. hopefully it will be clear of any CIN.

Wishing everyone else out there good luck