Biopsies showed cin3 even though smear was negative

hi, I had my first ever smear test earlier this year at the age Of 24. The test came back fine, negative, no abnormalities etc. however, as I bled quite a lot during the test I was referred for a colposcopy. They took 3 biopsies from my cervix and the results came back with severe abnormalities, cin3. I have just had the lletz treatment today to get rid of these and if the results come back clear I will just have a follow up smear in 6 months time. My concern is however that my smear test didn't pick up these abnormalities last time around so how can I be sure they will in any future smears. It took a biopsy to show this so I would have thought i would need biopsies in the future too. I will never trust another smear test result now that comes back as normal Because of this experience, which is very worrying. Does anyone else have experience of this? I don't think it will be as simple as - just tell them you want biopsies each time, as they can't keep taking pieces of my cervix away especially after lLetz. Do I have to just hope this was a one off? 

Hi Precious,

I've replied to this same post in smear tests'.