Abnormal Smear on 6 Month Check Up

Hi all


i have just received my results for my check up after removal of cin3 and it has come back abnormal again. They have advised it is mild and I should come back in 6 months and hopefully it will have returned to normal by then. I had clear margins so concerned that within 4 months it is already mild again! Having a mild smear is how all this started and I just feel that I have gone back to square one again. I know it is just mild but finding it very difficult to be positive that this will all go away.


I am 29 and also really concerned about future pregnancy issues.


Has anyone else had anything similar?



Hi Hula Hoop,

just wanted to come on and send my wishes and a big hug to you as you were such a good friend to me whilst I was going through tests at the same time as yourself initially.  I know someone will be along soon though who can hopefully make you feel more re-assured about what's happening right now as I expect lots of ladies have been through this. I can understand you are feeling really unsettled and frustrated right now and just wish I could help you.  Take care xxWink

Hi Hula Hoop,

I'm so sorry you've had an abnormal result after having LLETZ. I undertsand all too well what a shock it is, and how worrying it is. I had LLETZ for CIN2 and like you I had clear margins. Within 6 months the cells had changed again, I had a borderline smear followed by one showing mild abnormalities, confirmed as CIN1 at biopsy. So it does happen. I have a booklet from Macmillan on cervical screening which says 5-10% of women have a recurrence.

I was told that it can sometimes take a while for the cells to settle, so it may be that when you have your next smear the cells will be ok. The important thing is you're being monitored closely. I know that doesn't help much when you're living with this worry though. 

I'm sorry that I don't have any answers, I just wanted you to know you're not alone in this type of situation. 

Take care x

Thank you ladies. 

The boyf and my family is away all week so feeling a bit lost and lonely 
I was so hoping for a clear result and although I know it's only mild I feel part of a minority! I eat well, exercise etc so not sure what else I can do to get rid of this! Hopefully it may just stay mild. Just totally unsure about what to do re: thinking about getting pregnant 
Andrea I have always looked out for your posts, I have everything crossed for your MRI results 

Hi Hula Hoop

I wondered if it might help to see your GP if you were thinking of trying for a baby if this is something that's worrying you? They may be able to advise you?

I understand what you mean about being a minority. I find it hard that there's so little info out there but I guess the reality is there's so much that is unknown. It's the uncertainty that's the hardest thing.

Hope you're ok, take care x

Thanks love.

Just trying to get my chin up as there is not alot I can do before 6 months! Babies werent quite in our "plan" yet but I think we may have to think about it if I end up needing more treatment. Eek - feel like I have aged 5 years in about 5 days!

Love to all

Cat x 

Hi Hula Hoop,

Just wanted to give you a big hug. I’m due my 6 months check up and just got a phone call from colposcopy asking me if I could come a week earlier, i.e. 11/4, not the 18th. I know I should be glad, someone has obviously cancelled or moved the appointments but it brought up this horrible feeling, you know when you’re due in there. I know I’m bragging on about myself but just wanted you to know that I can empathise, as the mild changes would probably be the second worst, after the c-word outcome of the colposcopy for me. It’s like putting your life on hold for the next 6 months and thinking ‘is it getting worse?’ I’m 27 next week and although not considering having kids at the moment, I would love to have them at some point. They already took a decent few cms off the length of my cervix so I am paranoid about potential miscarriages…

Sorry, I want to sound cheery and upbeat but having very though day today. Had a hemorrhage as a result of the 2nd LLETZ and I’m guessing it’s all just bringing bad memories. Also feeling bit like a fraud banging on about this, when there are ladies here in remission, or going through the radio/ chemo but it feels good to get it out of your system and I really do not want to worry my friends, my partner and especially my parents and this forum feels almost cathartic.

Please let me know how you’ve got on. Thinking of you.

Tina xx

Hi Tina


It is nice to know there are people out there who feel the same, its difficult with friends as they dont quite get it! Like you, I know how lucky I am to not have had CC and everyone on here is so brave. I just really wanted to move on and not have to have another 6 months of the unknown!

I really hope your check up goes well, will have my fingers crossed - let us know how you get on.

From your history I can see you have had two lletz - did you have any chat with your consultant regarding future pregnancies at all?

Lots of hugs


Cat x

Hi Cat,

Yes I did, but that was only after the hemorrhage, I think I must have been quite high on morphine… Tell you what I don’t do drugs but after that stint at the hospital, l can understand why people could get addicted to opium! At the beginning I just wanted the b…y thing out of my body before it got any worse. But the alarm bells started ringing when I got admitted from A&E to Ladies Ward and first the Nurse, then a younger Doctor couldn’t find my cervix even with a speculum and magnifying glass. It took an experience Consultant (not the one who did my LLETZs - not sure if that’s correct grammar but what the heck) to find it.

The next day my usual Consultant came to see me and I had a little cry and asked him how much they had left of it. And he said ‘few cms’. He explained that in case I got pregnant I must mention to the obstetrician my history and they should monitor the length of the cervix every 4 weeks throughout pregnancy. He did mention a number at which they would put the stitch and ask you to lay down for the remaining part of pregnancy but I cannot remember it now. He also said that every woman is different and it will depend on your body how long you can keep active, could be 12 weeks or could be 32. I will ask him next Thursday…


PS Just found a brilliant distraction from it all, stuffing my face with White Chocolate Strawberry Pigs… Think a run after work will be on cards to get rid of all of the calories :slight_smile:


I'm in a similar position and don't feel i can move on until I get a proper all clear.  I suggest sending a note to the 'ask the expert' on the Jo's website.  I found them very helpful.  Apparently during the healing process you can get problems with the cells which often settle down once everything is healed. It can sometimes be part of healing rather than any recurrance - so think of the positive options! :) .  I also pushed the Dr to do an HPV test, so I knew where my risk level was with that too.  I'm nearly 35 so the thought of babies is hanging over me but I have to keep thinking I'll get better and when I do I can reconsider that option.
Take care


Thanks for the advise I have sent them an email. We should form some sort of club Laughing.

Lets all try and keep postive and keep our fingers and toes crossed! If anyone ever wants to chat about it please pm me - as I do totally get what we are all going through. Suppose there are going to be days when we can forget about it and others when it all just seems pretty sucky 

I have eaten a large lindt bunny to make myself feel better today!

C x