CIN3 stories

Hi, I’m 8 days post LLETZ for CIN3, feel a bit gross with all the discharge and a bit smelly. Waiting for results again which is always the worst. I’m interested to see how you all got on after CIN3?

Hi Buck,

Can I please ask you what was your smear test result before colposcopy, if you don’t mind sharing ? I just been diagnosed with high grade severe dyskaryosis last week, my colposcopy is on Tuesday next week and I am so worried… I hope is not worse that that and I hope that they will give me the operation here and there.
I didn’t sleep much for the last couple of days, I can’t eat much either.
I will update you here when I have news, I hope other people have some other stories to share with you/us.
Take care of yourself and take it easy.
How many days do you have to rest? Can you go to work or do you have to stay at home?

Hi @Ellie45 my smear was hpv+ with borderline changes, colposcopist thought CIN2 at the colposcopy and the biopsy showed CIN3.

I am fine, went to work the next day. I thought it was going to be awful after but I’ve just had a LOT of discharge and I think that’ll go on for a few more weeks.

Just waiting for the LLETZ results now and I find the waiting worse than any sort of treatment lol!

I am sure you will be OK, they have found changes bad are acting on that fast which is fantastic x

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Hi Buck, I had my lletz treatment 10 days ago.
I had mine done under general anesthetic, i had a lot of bleeding so needed stitches and an over night stay. Feeling a lot better now just the usual discharge. My colposcopy results were Cin 3 and Hpv. The results from the lletz can take up to 6 weeks I was told

Hi @IrishGal 6 weeks? Argh I thought it was less than that :tired_face: I’ve had bad discharge, got my period a few days after mine and it was a lot heavier than usual.

Yeah 6 weeks. It’s a long nerve wrecking wait but hopefully results will be fine🤞🏻
Let me know how you get on with your results & let’s hope we will be back to normal in a week or 2

@IrishGal thanks hun, you too keep me posted. I feel like I’m really stinking today. No infection as the discharge isn’t bad and I feel fine, just paranoid that I’m honking :joy: won’t be going out today. Yeah the waiting for results is the worst isn’t it but like you say, it’s all done now so should all be OK. I’ll be honest, there’s a tiny part of me that’s worried the LLETZ results will show someing bad but 99.9% of me knows it’s all fine. Crazy how our minds go straight to the dark place.

Having mine tommorrow under general smear was borderline other than that im in the dark as could t do biopsy at colposcopy this forum so helpfull though xx

I understand that feeling of smelling! I couldnt feel clean until what is week 4 post my LLETZ. I had a general anaesthetic - i think it changed my sense of smell or my sweat! I passed the greenish paste they put on cervix to stop bleeding etc…a week afterwards, very earlly on. I honestly thought something physical had dropped out of me, lol so unfortunately I have had lots of discharge with mixed with pale blood. Only now is that easing. No results as yet. This is my 2nd lletz and the after effects were different afterwards than first. Chin up! I kept saying " Do i smell, can you smell that?" Lol x

Hey @JulieT how did it go today? X

Hi @Gaynor12 omg I am the same, keep saying to my husband do I smell, I feel like I smell :joy: seems to have eased off today thank goodness. Watery discharge has changed to pink now though so whilst one thing gets better I start to bleed again! The joys of womanhood :joy: x

Not too bad on settee resting up everyone on ward so nice just the waiting now for results no pain as yet given iv painkillers and antisikness couple days off work so hope to be sat in garden work been great with me too least this forum given me insite as to what to expect thanks for asking buck xx hope you doing good xx

I had my cone biopsy for CIN3 7 days ago and I’m still feeling sore and have started to have some heavier discharge. I seem to have a very sensitive cervix that does not like to be messed with.
It’s so hard to wait for the results. Sending you a hug :two_hearts:

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Hi @FCC hope you’re not too sore. I’ve started bleeding again now! I know they say 4 weeks to recover but I thought it was just going to be that discharge not stop start bleeding. When do you get your results? How are you doing @JulieT and @IrishGal

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Bit achey like very bad period pain off to a cottage in castleton for weekend with sisters today so nice chill annual yearly catchup not bleeding yet dreading it to be truthfull doctor never said much just said write with results banking on roughly 4 weeks just the waiting game now i suppose hope you ease off soon buck sucks being a woman xxx

@JulieT it really does! We are on our way to Cornwall for the weekend. I won’t be able to get into the pool or sea with everyone which really sucks. Still, nice to have some family time x

Hi everyone
I have a positive story for you all :blush:
I was diagnosed with CIN3 last December after severe changes, after only 12 months after my previous smear which was hpv+ with no changes, I was besides myself with such fast changes In such a short period of time.
Anyhow I have the LLETZ treatment between Xmas and new year last year, i got an infection after which was horrendous dragged out the healing process by weeks but I have literally just had my test of cure smear results come through Saturday and I am all clear, no HPV, no bad cells!
The relief is unreal!!
You all got this and I will be thinking of you all xxx


How did you feel after, coukd you go about your normal day?

That’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing. Good to read positive outcomes xxxx

Enjoy :wink: just back from castleton loved it just started to bleed a little now nothing major but do feel little wiped out xx