CIN3 - 3 Weeks post LLETZ

Hi, new here…

I had my second smear aged 28 (first smear at 25 clear). It took longer than usual for my results and before I even received a letter or any contact from my GP I received a phone call whilst driving home from work from the hospital letting me know they’d received a referral through for a colposcopy.
They couldn’t give me any further information but had managed to get me in the following day as they’d had a cancellation.
this obviously filled me with fear as it felt like they were rushing me straight in as they’d found something serious.
I arrived home that same night to a letter that told me they’d found high grade severe cell changes (CIN3) on my smear and that i’d been referred to the hospital for a colposcopy.

I attended the next day, I think I was still in a lot of shock as it all happened very quickly and obviously your first thought is to google all the info you’ve been given.

The consultant explained all about the different levels and that CIN3 is the last step before CC. He was honest and I appreciated that but it was still scary. Because of my age and as I’m yet to start a family they had to run through all the risks of having LLETZ treatment. Once he’d seen my cervix he confirmed there was definitely a high grade lesion & that the best option would be to go ahead with the LLETZ there and then.

He told me the results would be sent as urgent and I would hear back in 2-3 weeks time.
Today marks 3 weeks to the day so I called his secretary to ask for an update and was told that the results are back and that a letter has been written but it is just waiting the consultant signature & will then be sent to be second class.

Frustrating as the wait has been the worst part. I’m hoping that as they’ve mentioned I will receive a letter it is hopefully good news as i’d expect a phone call/ invite to the hospital if there was anything more sinister. But I suppose I won’t know until that letter comes.

I can’t explain how hard it’s been to deal with and the shock of it all. I think the mental part surrounding it is the hardest part to deal with. It’s lovely to see on here the support from others going through the same thing and I have my fingers and toes crossed for everyone going through similar.


I and I’m sure many others, can empathise with the torturous wait for results.

It does sound very positive though. I had to wait 10 weeks for my results, so I’m really pleased when I hear people are not having to wait such a long time.

Please do let us know what you’re letter says when it arrives. Fingers crossed the Royal mail will treat it as first class, they often do. X

I’ve had my results and it’s been such a relief.
They downgraded it to CIN2 with clear margins and i’ve been discharged back to my GP care for a 6 month test of cure.

It feels like a big weight has been lifted but I know it’s going to be something I’ll always worry about going forward.

Thankyou for your message Lemon_Lavender xx


Wonderful news lovely. Thank you for letting us know x