3 weeks still no results

Hello, i had a colposcopy and biopsy done 3 weeks ago for abnormal cells CIN3 i believe…
Also had LLETZ treatment for this on the same day.

I have not yet had any results of the LLETZ/ biopsy…
Is this a good or bad thing?? I am really worried :worried: :fearful: :disappointed: :confused: :cry:

Lots of love to all you lovely ladies reading this♥️. Xxxxxx

Well I have read many times on here it takes about 4 weeks for any biopsy that was taken on the day of your colpoecopy outpatients appointment .hope you hear soon x

Could they see that you had CIN 3 on the day and they are just waiting to confirm their visual findings with a biopsy.

I am intrigued to know this as many lovely ladies on here have said low grade they dont treat on the day some say they do.

i cant see why they would treat low grade as they are more likely than not go on their own

CIN moderate /2 can be treated on day but they still like a biopsy to confirm as CIN 1 can look like 2 and if they treat on day its a procedure that may not have needed to be done as the cells may only truly be a CIN 1.

Only do they sometimes treat CIN 3 on the day I been told and some clinicw may even wait for the biopsy however if its really clear that its CIN 3 that may be why they do treat on the same day.

I have had 1 biopsy and 3 LLETZ procedures - each time, the results came back during the 4th week so I can’t see the wait being that uncommon. I know it’s pointless saying try not to worry because we can’t help but worry. Hope it’s good news for you.

Im same Gemsie i had mine done Mon 20th stressed to max but trying to put it til back of head i had Lletz done tho i was told i could monitor an be seen in 6 months i wasnt told what grade only that it was minor changes i asked for Lletz as i thought it right thing to do head has been all over show this past month not on your own xxx

My smear was positive for hpv and I had high grade dyskarosis I had my colposcopy and the consultant said they were visible so I had LLETZ there and then it’s been 9 days now waiting for results. Xx