CIN3 results following a LLETZ

Just after some advice. 

I had a LLETZ procedure and the results have come back showing CIN 3 . They have said to go back in six months for a clinic. As I understood it CIN 3 needs treatment ASAP so is it right to wait six montgs for your next check up? 


I think it probably means that the cells they removed during the Lletz were CIN3 and if they are saying to go back in 6 months they are probably pretty confident they have removed them all. Does your letter say anything about margins? It may be best to give them a call and ask them to explain them a bit more to you xx

Hi Annarosina, As i understand it the lletz procedure is the treatment but is also a biopsy. They would have removed all the bad cells with the procedure and its good you got your results back and a 6 month check up is normal procedure. I dont think you should worry now. Good luck in the

6 months is normal & as cells take such along time to change there is no major rush as such. The other ladies are right about that the Lletz probably got all the bad cells so next appointment will just be a repeat smear/colp to check it's all gone. If they were to re-test earlier it could alter your results as still healing. I was diagnosed with CIS in September but didn't have my trachelectomy until end of Novembet so rest assured there really is no reason for it to have to be a ASAP job. Doesn't help that time just seems to stand still for us women waiting! I'm 4 months post op & the waiting is driving me bonkers! 

Hope your recovering well from your Lletz.