Hi, I’m knew to the site so sorry if I sound silly.

I had me smear test in October and received my results very quickly just after one week which stated I had high grade dyskaryosis and was referred to hospital for a biopsy.

I went for my biopsy and just Four weeks after my biopsy I received my results which came back as CIN 3 in november.

I was very scared and worried, all sorts where running through my head and still are. Anyhow, I was referred back to the hospital two weeks after my CIN3 results for a LLETZ on 14th December.
I found this very painful whilst under LA, and continuing with the after affects which I believe is Normal (bleeding for 4-6 weeks). My only concern now is waiting for my results.

The nurse told me that my cells had been removed and sent away for further examination, however what she didn’t tell me was what the results could be?!

I was under the impression that if I had CIN 3 with LLETZ procedure then all would be clear, am I not right? I have read that some people who have CIN3 removed there results sometimes come back as stage 1 cancer?? This has put me in panic mode as I thought I had the all clear and I had CIN 3 cells removed that was that.

Please help me and give me some idea on what happens next as I have been given little information about the results after a LLETZ procedure.

Thank you




you don't sound silly at all. Many of us are in the same boat and asking questions is totally natural  it's worrying and confusing. I think I am reaching the conclusion that doctor and nurses who are performing these procedures all day generally give little information so as not to worry anyone! Or because they think he have googled the heck out of it!!! 


Someone on here explained this to me brilliantly the other day so I will try to reiterate. from my understanding I believe they send the sample away to make sure they got all the "abnormal" cells. your results will come back as either clear margins or margins not clear (or something along those lines) which means they removed all of the CIN3 cells (clear margins)  or that they didn't quite get them all (not clear margins).

it will help them know what to do next  


i know it's easy to say and a lot harder to actually do, but try not to worry about what the results might be . Someone said to me that the doctors are professionals and do these procedures all the time and are accustomed about what to look out for and are generally able to give a good accurate assessment of what they are seeing there aNd then  


sending you a hug xx


Hi, thank you very much for the reply ive been racking my brains out and reading lots of different stories. Ive read lots about woman having clear and not clear margins and didnt quite inderstand what the margins ment. Guess its just a waiting game now and these weeks are dragging, om checking for the post man every day to see if hes heading way but still no look.

I will try not to worry, easier said than done but im going to try and keep occupied with my three beautiful children lol.


Thanks again xx