cin3 confirmed

hi my biopsy results show cin3 I'm booked in for Lletz under local anesthetic I'm scared to death at the thought of this can I request general anesthetic instead xx

Hi hon,

try not to worry, lots of ladies on here found the lletz better than a colposcopy! There are pros and cons of having a local versus a general anesthetic. I had a general because like you I am very nervous about anything like this and my consultant agreed it would be best. As I see it, the main drawback was feeling groggy for a few days and therefore taking a bit longer to recover. The pros were that I was out for the whole thing! And therefore had no option but be relaxed. I am convinced that that allowed my doc to do a more thorough job. 

I would do the GA again like a shot, but remember it doesn't agree with everyone, and can carry its own risks. Read some other posts to hear from lots of ladies who felt that a lletz under local was no problem.

best wishes, Molly x

thanks for ur fast reply mollz I don't know much about what the cin3 means but just saw local on the letter and pre cancerous change ccin3 xx

How did you find your biopsy? lletz isn't much harder, I believe.

cin3 is high grade precancerous calls, but these should be removed at your lletz and then they'll just give you more regular check ups for a while.

Molly xxx

didn't have any problems at colp or biopsy just felt a tiny pinch that's all xxx

Hello, if it helps I'd happily have the LLetz over the Colposcopy and punch biopsy in a heartbeat. The hardest part was waiting in the waiting room and getting ready. I was amazed at how quickly it was over and I didn't feel a think. I did get teary when I got in the stirrups but it was honestly fine and I had no pain in the days after. Good luck and lots of love xxx

For me the speculum was really painful,the injections and lletz I didn't feel a thing x

I had to have the general as I can't have locals, and I so wish I could have had local.

For the general I had to have a pre-assessment at the hospital where they weren't happy with my heart so wanted to wait for me to see cardiology. I had an appointment with my cardiologist booked 10 weeks later, and they were going to make me wait 10 weeks!! I argued this, and in the end the anaesthetist rescheduled my surgery without the cardiology review. That was stressful in itself (especially when on the DAY of the surgery another surgeon tried to cancel me for the same reason).

On the day I had to get up at 6am and be at the hospital for 7am, where I had several blood tests and then a 6 hour wait to be taken in to surgery. Getting the anaesthetic was a nightmare, they couldn't get a vein and in the end the cannula was placed on the palm side of my wrist which they warned me would hurt like hell - and it did. It probably hurt way more than having the LLETZ under local would have!

When I came round I felt pretty groggy for a couple of hours, and my partner was beside himself as there had been delays while they tried to anaesthetise me and nobody could tell him what was happening. I was forced to eat and use the toilet, which I really didn't want to do, before I could go home. In the days after, my sleeping pattern was a mess and I had to take 2 days off work to get over the grogginess of the anaesthetic as well - although I felt awake after 24 hours my concentration was shot for about 5 days.

10 days on I was still having short term memory issues, repeating myself etc and I also got an infection in my arm where they had put the IV in.

BUT the plus side is I have hardly bled following the treatment, and I think this is because I was under general they could take more time and cauterize the wound really well.

There are pros and cons, but I would say having it under general will drag the process out for longer and can be quite stressful. I would rather have been able to have a local and get it all over with in half an hour. This is just my experience though, it's different for all of us