I had a colposcopy at the end of Feb and now have to go for LLETZ on Monday as they found CIN 2. I was wondering whether they take more biopsies when they do the LLETZ as my dr has been really unhelpful about everything. I'm just really worried as I'm only 25 and this is all the result of my first smear.

Hey Hun, the lletz treatment IS a biopsy in itself. They take away a bigger sample to ensure they have removed all of the CIN 2 and that will be sent off to the lab again to ensure correct diagnosis and to make sure they have got it all. It's not as bad as it all sounds tho, in my opinion the colposcopy and biopsy was worse, and that was just uncomfortable. Tell your doctor to explain it all to you and don't be afraid to ask questions :) good luck xx

Thank you - I'm just panicking about it all! Fingers crossed x

I panicked like mad before my lletz, and hand on heart when I went for it and the doctors said he was done, I sat up and laughed, I couldn't stop smiling thinking "is that it" honestly don't work yourself up about it too much you will upset yourself. Hopefully you will be ok :) one big tip, take a scarf with you, spray it with a nice familiar smell (perfume/partners aftershave) and when you lay down just place it over your face, I did this and I swear it helped by not looking, smelling, watching etc. All I was concentrating on was my heartbeat (adrenaline in the local anaesthetic) and the fact that I was tensing up so I was trying to relax, before I knew it it was over xxx

Hi hun are you having your lletz under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic? Xx

Thanks so much :) great idea about the scarf.

It's under local anaesthetic - not sure what to expect as I've never had one before.

Mine was under local too, you basically get in the lovely position you lay in, then the doctor injects your cervix with the local anaesthetic, this sounds so painful, but I expected it to be worse, I hardly felt it, I felt it enough to pull a face but it didnt "hurt" it was more the thought that got me, then they wait a few mins to make sure it's numb, then you don't feel anything at all. The local anaesthetic makes your heart race like crazy like your about to fight lol, then they do the loop biopsy, you hear the machine but you don't feel anything at all. I used a scarf over my face with perfume on and Im so glad I did as I found it really helped, not seeing anything or smelling the procedure. He turned the machine off after a few minutes and that was that. Over. I found the biopsy and the solutions at the colposcopy more uncomfortable as you feel them touching and prodding your cervix. But with the lletz you feel nothing. If I needed another one I'd be more than happy to have it done again to ensure all the CIN is gone :) xxx