Lletz under general anesthetic - what to expect?

I've just been told my colposcopy results came back that I have CIN3 and I will have to have LLETZ under general anesthetic. 

After my intial colposcopy I took 2.5 days off due to heavy bleeding and pain. 

Im extremely nervous about surgery And also having to take days off work. 


What can can I expect? And how many days post op is realistic? 




Hi Renee

i had the Lletz done yesterday morning under local, I was really worried beforehand but I just wanted to try and ease your worries. It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. My colposcopy came back a couple weeks ago as CIN2, the actual treatment took less 10 mins. I had it done under local so I can't really comment about general but it the worrying is worse than the actual treatment!

i had a stomach ache for most of yesterday and took a couple of paracetamol, and have worked from home today to rest up a little, I have had some light discharge but no bleeding yet but I understand that can start after a few days.

Try not to worry! 


i have recently had Lletz under local anesthetic but biopsy results came back showing early cancer CIN and CGIN cells. I'm due to have Lletz again on 16th but this time under general anaesthetic. I discussed taking 3-4 days off work post anaesthetic although I really think it depends on how you react.. I would much rather have mine under local again and be awake as didn't find the procedure too bad.. the idea of being put to sleep terrifies me! Hope all goes well for you 


Mel x

I also have severe ectropion on my cervix and the cin3cells are large which is why the doctor is requested I have the procedure under general 


to be honest I found the colposcopy horrible and lots of bleeding so I'm glad to be going under 

Hi reneec.

First of all would like to wish you the very best of luck with your lletz procedure. I also have just had the lletz on Wednesday with cin3 large area Went under general also have ectropian. Going under general was fine and it's nothing to worry about. I had rare complications after the op but everyone is an individual and their body's deal with it in different ways. Pm if you have any questions.  ❤️

Thank you. It seems so rare that people talk about ectropion. My  gyn said the ectropion is severe. It’s been 2 months since they cauterised my ectropion but I still don’t feel quite right. Hoping it’s just my body healing. 


My Surgery is booked for 9th November and I’m hoping this will be the end of my chapter but it’s so hard not to worry constantly. I’m not sure what to expect for recovery as the cauterisation and biopsies caused me horrific pain and bleeding for 4-5 days straight before subsiding