CIN1 after smear test

Hello everyone and I hope you all are doing well. I never really thought I'd need any help from this kind of forum but sadly that day has come.

I am 20 years old, smoking (please do not tell me that it's bad I know and trying to quit :( ), my immune system has always been really bad, I am really allergic and getting a cold or sore throat like 10 times a year and I'm having problems with lymph nodes all my life because they're swollen most of the time, and sorry if my English is not good.  

My appoinment with gynecologist was just a regular thing for me. This time I had some symptoms I wanted to talk with him about. My periods wasn't regular I didnt have it for a mont, I have groin, lower back and lower stomach pain sometimes it hurts so much I find it difficult to walk. And the pain comes from lower stomach to legs, it feels like the pain is connected or something. I have vaginal discharge as well (not bleeding though). And uncomfortable feeling ,I wouldnt say pain, while having sex. 

So after I told him all about this he wanted to do a smear test for cervical cancer. I was sure everything is okay there because it felt like the pain is caused by the ovarie not cervix. After 3 weeks results came back with CIN1, don't know about HPV I haven't done any tests for it yet. But now all I have to do is wait 6 months to do another smear test. And docter said this pain is not connected to CIN. And that's really sad because I thought I figured it all out but at the end there must be something else that causes the pain. 

I just wanted to know what do you think, can these symptoms be caused by CIN1? And is it possible that in smear test it shows CIN1 but actually it's something more serious than CIN1? Thank you so much!