CIN1, cervical pains

Hi everyone,


I had my first smear last year which came back with CIN2 after a grave phone call from the doctor within two weeks I had an appointment for loop treatment. 

Which I am told was successful.

Six months later I have another smear which came back with CIN1 but no hpv.

I've been told to come back to the doctors if I have any symptoms, then ans still do get the occasional shooting pain in my cervix.

I go to the doctors only to be told this is normal and to 'come back if I have any symptoms' .....that's what I'm here with....

Just the other day when adjusting my sitting position it felt like my vagina scraped my cervix, which was pretty painful and the pain spread through my thigh.

I know it sounds pretty silly since of course the vagina is soft but it felt horrible. Albeit it may be that it was a few days before my period? Even so I intend to go to the doctors with my concerns once my period is over.

Not that I enjoy repeatedly being spoken to with condescension and utter disregard for my concerns by the doctors at our surgery.


And although I'm apparently Hpv free how do I know my boyfriend doesn't have it and I won't be affected again.

Do I not have hpv now, so does that mean I didn't have it before or did the loop treatment get rid of that along with the CIN2. There seems to be many blurred lines on hpv I'm unclear on it.

These may be silly questions but there's just so many unanswered questions about hpv that I don't know if doctors are telling me they don't know because those are fairly unanswerable questions or because they are trying to avoid any possible lawsuit rather than be a doctor to their patients.

Basically, I'm just frustrated that I need to go to the doctors once more to voice my concern, fearing I'll be turned away as if I'm a crazy person yet again.

Hello Littlefish,

firstly, your doctor sounds awful, can you change?  Cin is precancer, you are doing your best to avoid it becoming cancer, and you should be applauded and supported, not patronised. 

secondly, I completely agree about the lack of knowledge and interest in hpv. I asked my oncologist if I would be told why I developed cc, only for him to dismiss me saying they didn't explore that, or test, they'd just presume it was hpv and it would be gone after the op! Really? 

I think your next step, besides finding a different doctor, should be to use Jo's ask the expert service, or call the helpline. They could maybe either put your mind at rest or reassure you that you're right to be pushing your doctor for more investigation.

all the best, take care and let us know how you get on.

Molly xxxx


HPV can clear up on its own, so that could be the reason its not showing on your tests anymore. I am not sure whether loop would get rid of it.

I phoned the helpline and they urged me to push forward with the doctors so I braved another appointment.
Fortunately this time I had the doctor who I recall being really nice just for telling me I had IBS, she was more supportive than any of the other three doctors I've seen about my pains.
I've booked in another smear and she says she'll contact the hospital for some ultra sound scans.

Just as my mother suspected, the doctors do not have any of my notes since 2010?!!! And the doctor I saw this time could not find even the paper versions.
I was registered with a doctors closer to uni 2012/13 but changed back last year and re registered with my home GP, despite their skeptism on whether or not I lived near by.
Since I had my most recent smear with this GP it is possible they were treating me as a new patient though apparently the smears are handled by a indipendant body.

It infuriates me that NONE of the doctors I saw previously cared to tell me they did not have my notes.
It's a relief that I've finally got through to them about the pains I've been having, though dreading any bad results.

I've read on the NHS website that smear tests for HPV aren't always accurate, and CIN1 has a 60% chance of going away.
To me, that's basically 50/50% chance of going either way. 

I hope all the best for you ladies. Thank you for your kind responses.