Only tested for HPV 6 months after LLETZ / LOOP, cells not tested for CIN???

Hi all


Just a quick question to see if anyone else has experienced the same...6 months ago I tested positive for HPV and CIN 3 after always having clear pap results. I had the LOOP procedure, CIN 3 was confirmed and as far as I'm aware I had clear margins although this was never mentioned, I just assume I would've been told otherwise!


I didn't have a great recovery, I developed an infection and have suffered with pain, bleeding in between periods and considerable changes to my monthly cycle. My doctor ruled other causes out so the general consensus is that I haven't healed as well as expected since the LOOP. Because of all this I was very keen to have my 6 month smear test for some peace of mind but have just opened my letter to find that they tested only for HPV and as that is now showing as negativethey didn't bother to further test my cells for any changes. My question is that surely my cells should be tested to make sure that a.) it was all removed on the first procedure and b.) that I haven't developed any since. For all I know I may have only just gotten rid of the HPV so maybe changes could have occurred in the last 6 months?


I'd be grateful to hear other peoples opinions, I'm probably just being a drama queen but I lost my Nan to cancer and my Mum has recently been diagnosed so I want to be sure I'm not ignoring something that might come back to bite me.


Thanks in advance!


Kerri x

Oh and I live in England, not sure if processes are different elsewhere x

Hello Kerri,  I'd go back to my GP and have it explained.  Tell him you're very concerned about this. Don't be put off, it's too important.  It may be nothing but best to be pro-active.


Yes i agree with sharon i would want to no why they dint test the cells  after cin3  aswell xxx

Ah thank you for taking the time to reply ladies, I thought I would get an email when someone posted but didn't so have only just seen your advice! I will call my doctor on Monday and let you know how I get on. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it a bit odd, I really won't feel comfortable until they test my cells as well!