Had my first smear at 23 and CIN3 Result then loop, now 25 and no clear smear but no HPV test to get diagnosis???

I had problems with my periods for over a year with heavy bleeding when I was 23 but I put it down to the fact that I had polycystic ovaries, seeing as I was under the age to do a smear test I wasnt offered one but I insisted and the result came back as CIN3. I then had the loop surgery which I found extremely traumatic, I cried throughout the procedure and it was extremely painful but I was told that it would probably not return for a while. I then had my follow up smear done 6 months later that came back as abnormal but they insisted treatment was not necessary. I have just had another smear done which has come back as abnormal changes again so of course I am really worried. I have asked all along if I have HPV and knowone will test me for it. I understand other people on here have been tested and I just want to know where I can get this done on the NHS? I am waiting for my colposcopy appointment now so that they can has anyone actually got rid of this after having CIN3 results each time? Why are the doctors so resistant to actually let people know if they have HPV?


I think most people with cin have hpv so you probably have it, I have and I am just gonna focus on eating healthy and being healthy and vitimans to help my body fight it, be strong Atleast your being looked after or I the system like I am, good luck with colposcopy, I also have heavy periods and pcos!! Justbeen diagnosed so I thinks symptoms are probably the pcos and the cin coz I have loads of symptoms and the doctor thinks its a combination, my doctorsautomatically did the hpv as I was borderline at smear but I think if your smear is cin or above it means 99% of its caused by hpv. Hope I helped a little xxx