CIN 3, LLETZ and Mirena Coil

I was diagnosed with CIN 3 a few weeks back after having two biopsies.
I had always had clear smear tests but a few months ago I experienced some odd symptoms.
I have a mirena coil so I no longer have periods or bleeding, thank goodness! I always had the worst periods due to endometriosis.
A few months ago I experienced some bleeding and cramping after having nothing for almost 4 years, so assumed my coil may have moved or stopped working, so I went to get it checked. That’s when it all started.
My GP examined my cervix and could see the brownish bleeding but also said my cervix looked discoloured and not quite right. So I was sent for a colposcopy where I had two biopsies taken and also told I had cervical erosion, which is probably why I was having the bleeding. I was so hopeful that it was just the cervical erosion and my results would be clear. When the letter came telling me I had CIN 3 I was terrified!
I’m booked in to have LLETZ under GA and I have also opted to have my coil removed as I just want to give my body a break, especially after going through all of this and I don’t want to risk infection with having the coil in.
I’m super anxious of periods coming back along with healing from the LLETZ.
Has anyone experienced anything similar and how did it go for you? I’m so full of anxiety and having nightmares of heavy, uncontrollable bleeding!
Also, how long is recovery? I work from home thankfully and have planned to have a week of rest. I also have horses and it’s killing me knowing I have to take time off from them.
Thanks in advanced!

I have recently been LLETZ 2 weeks ago now, I don’t have coil so not completely the same as your situation. Initially after the LLETZ procedure, I have some faint bleeding, this then changed to a very watery browny discharge, I have just had my period and with the discharge and bleeding it was heavier then normal.
During my period I tried to rest as much as I could so it didn’t bring it on heavier.
I do feel since my LLETZ I have been so paranoid about bleeding & discharge, I go to the toilet constantly.

Recovery can vary I did a lot of reading before the LLETZ as like you I had a lot of anxiety about it, I felt some pain and discomfort for the first few days, driving brought on a bit of pain; going round bends and pot holes!
I continued to work throughout so recovery didn’t take me completely off my feet.

Hope everything goes well with yours x

Hi I have the same diagnosis and will have lletz on GA in two days with mirena removal too so I will let you know how it goes. The agonising part is the waiting so try to keep yourself busy and limit time on researching for the worst possibilities😊
I defo get the worry about getting the periods again! Sorry to hear about the endo… you got this x