Side affects from LLETZ or something else?

Hi all

On here for a bit of a rant really, with the hopes that someone might be going through the same thing!

I had an operation in December (LLETZ under GA) to remove CIN2 cells. I recovered fine and didn't have anything apart from what they said would happen. 

For about 4.5 weeks now I've had some light bleeding. I can tell it's not a period as it's not the same consistency/colour. 

I have had something similar before but it's gone away. The last time I had this it went on for 6 weeks and I eventually went to the doctor but it was around the same time as my colposcopy referal. Last time it wasn't this 'bloody' either - sorry for the TMI!

I had a coil fitted last May and I'm aware that that can make cycle's slightly weird. But, when I went to my Dr's appointment today she couldn't see the thread! What the hell!

The Dr said it might be from the operation but it's been 3 months now!

She's referred me to a gyno so hopefully it will be sorted soon.

I started seeing someone and it's getting so frustrating as we can't be intimate. 

This whole thing is getting me down, I just want to stop bleeding!

From a sad Sarah