Bleeding after LLETZ

Hi - this is my first post but I've been reading a lot, I've found all your threads really useful!

Sorry this is a TMI post - though I'm pretty sure that if I can talk openly and frankly abut this anywhere, it's here!

I had a LLETZ on 31st July (nearly two weeks ago) to treat ''severe dyskariosis' which I'm assuming is CIN3.  Results are due in in 2 weeks.  

I bled a little afterwards, just spotting, then about 4 days later I came on my period which was waaaaay heavier than i've ever had before and lasted longer.  That stopped at the weekend, and then same spotting as I'd had after the LLETZ returned, just a little bit, orangey browney in colour .. until today.  I'm bleeding pretty heavily.  Like, when i go to the toilet it's just dripping out of me.  It's bleeding like an injury would. And it's bright red, which worries me a bit - that's fresh blood, right?  It also doesn't feel 'right' down there. 

I'm concerned about it.  I have a GP appointment tomorrow morning (by coincidence, for something else) so of course will ask abut it.  In the mean time though, I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that everything is normal and as it should be? 

Thanks ladies :)