CIN 3 - delays

Hi everyone

Very new here & have been going through the standard process for around 6 months. I have been advised abnormal cells are CIN 3 Due to various delays & miscommunications I still haven't had the LLETZ treatment. I am awaiting general anaesthetic for this & it may be another month.

I feel like I've been holding it together pretty well until now, but I think it's becoming more and more anxiety-inducing due to the delays. And I have developed a dull ache/inflamed sensation in my lower left pelvic area  and increasingly painful periods - which I suppose could mean anything, but is certainly not helping my attempts to remain cool. I am going to book a separate doctor appointment to ask about this, but it could be another week or two before one becomes available. 

Very vague request but if anyone could kindly give me any advice I'd really appreciate it, as I don't know anyone who has gone through this process; and you all seem really nice.


Hi there!! 

I had CIN3 cells removed at age 21. I honestly didn’t feel a thing. A little nip when given the anaesthetic but other than that nothing. It lasted a few minutes, if that and was complete. No exercise, sex or baths for a month. I had bleeding after it for a couple of weeks but nothing too heavy. 

Is it the procedure itself you were hoping for some reassurance for? I hope I’ve helped. If not feel free to ask any other questions! I went through it alone not having known anyone going through it either. So I know how you feel x