CIN3 Cc symptoms


Just to give some back ground first: I had a routine smear which showed borderline changes-shown to then be CIN3 after a colposcopy.

I am awaiting LLETZ, but feel extremely anxious as I have symptoms of cervical cancer and have read I shouldn’t have symptoms for CIN3.

One symptom is that I bleed intermittently despite not having periods and have been for 2 weeks now-it ranges in colours and is only when I wipe,it can be unpleasant smelling too.

I feel I am ticking all the boxes for cancer and my appt isn’t for another 3 weeks-does anyone know if docs can request a sooner appt? Or if I’m just overthinking this?

I have read LLETZ is the next stage to check and diagnose for cancer-is this correct?

I feel like I’m going mad-any advice would be much appreciated


Hi @Amp1411

I thought I had already replied to you other post but can’t see it so I’ll reply again.

Many ladies do report symptoms when they have CIN3 and still don’t turn out to have cancer, that’s the first thing. Lots of ladies also self diagnose themselves with cancer and give themselves a lot of anxiety when the only thing that can tell you if you have cancer is a biopsy of cells.

Waiting 3 weeks for an appointment won’t make any difference, but you may wish to ask if you can be out on a cancellation list if you are in a position to take an appointment at short notice.

LLETZ would be the normal treatment to remove the abnormal cells, and the cells would be sent to the lab to be analysed. This would show if there is any cancer present. x