CIN 2, LLETZ & pregnancy


I dont really know where to start, I have bad health anxiety so when i started bleeding during sex with my boyfriend of 4 years at the begginibg of April of course i rushed to the DR.

My Dr referred me to the hospital under the 2 week ruling, which scared me more than anything. Upon seeing the consultant she could see that i did not have cervical cancer but could see some abnormal skin. The consultant took some biopsys and said that the results would come back in 4 weeks. 

After receiving my results it showed CIN 2, i was also sent an appointment for LLETZ on 19th June.

Before all of this happened me and my boyfriend had decided to try for a baby and now everything has to be put on hold whilst i get the treatment and i dont even know how long we will have to wait after the treatment before we can start again. 

Dont get me wrong i am incredibly grateful that i dont have cervical cancer but at the same time everything is so scary and worrying  and i am devastated that i have to put my plans on hold. Am i being silly?

I have the most supportive family and my boyfriend has been amazing but it helps reading everyons stories on here. Everyone is so positive. 

Thanks everyone xxx

Hi Sophie, 


You're not being silly! It's a really worrying time. The main thing is that they have found strange cells (that may or may not turn into cancer) extremely early and can get rid of them. In most cases, 1 Lletz will be fine. The information leaflets that you have should say that the chance of a miscarriage in future pregnancies is raised but, in reality,  I think that the % is quite small. In any case if/when you do fall pregnant, you can tell them about the Lletz and you will be monitored. I've had three Lletz now and my surgeon still says that the risk of miscarriage is quite small even though I don't have much of a cervix left (I'm 37 with no kids and was due to go for IVF this month!). So, in short, you are bound to be anxious but the risk is really small and loads of women have gone on to have successful pregnancies after Lletz. Good luck!


Thanks for the reassurance, its helpful to be able to speak & read the stories on here & know that other people are going through the same thing.

Good luck to you too lovely  xxx