Diagnosed with CIN3 yesterday

Hi All,
I had an abnormal smear result showing “mild dyskariosis” (with HPV) a few months ago and attended for a colposcopy just over a week ago.
The nurse took five biopsies which concerned me as I thought she would only need two or three. She said that there was quite a large white area on examination but she thought it was mostly CIN1 with a small patch of CIN2. She called me yesterday to say that she had an appointment free for LLETZ tomorrow morning if I wanted it. I explained that I couldn’t get time off work and my partner is working abroad at the moment so I would not have anyone to accompany me. I asked what the results said and she informed me that the patch of suspected CIN2 has actually come back as CIN3. I asked if it would be detrimental to wait for the next available appointment and she said it won’t progress into cancer within the next 6 months so not to worry. Not very comforting! This had the opposite effect and I can’t stop thinking about it :frowning:
Have any of you been treated for CIN3 at (name removed) Hospital? I am so concerned about having to go back for further treatment and obviously worried about the effect this may have on my chances of having a normal pregnancy when the time comes. I am wondering if it would be worth going privately?
I have not told anyone apart from my boyfriend but I think the time has come to discuss it with my mum. (I didn’t want to worry her unnecessarily but I think it has got to a stage where she needs to know)
If anyone has any experience of this and/or advice I would be very grateful to hear from you.
Many thanks

Hi, its all so worrying isnt it. Ive just had lletz for cin3, results came 6 weeks ago so I had a 6 week wait for the lletz. Its unlikely that cin3 will develop into cancer and if it does, it takes years to develop. lletz doesnt affect getting pregnant-thats what my doc told me, but there is a small chance that premature labour could occur due to some of the cervix being removed in the lletz, also labour can be longer as the cervix sometimes doesnt stretch after lletz but these can happen anyway in women who havn't had lletz. I have a child and got told if I got pregnant again to tell the midwives I've had lletz done so they are aware. I never had anyone to accompny me to my lletz, I went on my own and was fine

Louise xx

Hi Louise

Thank you so much for your response and putting my mind at rest. I am sorry to hear that you are going through the same thing but it sounds like you are dealing with it very well.

I have worked myself into a terrible state and I am petrified that it might come back worse than CIN3.

Did you find the  LLETZ painful? My other half is incredibly squeamish and I don't want to put him through that if it is going to be a bit of an ordeal. I'm guessing the worst part is just having the local anaesthetic injected?



Thanks again for your reassurances and I hope your results come back all good xx


Hiya, I'm still worrying as there is a slight chance the results wont be good but keep thinking its been caught early if that is the case.

The local did sting and I went dizzy and heart was racing but this is normal after the locals. The procedure itself didnt hurt with it being numbed but I got bad period pain type cramps whilst she was removing the area, the doctor said this might happen as your cervix doesnt like being messed with. The burning away bit took 2 minutes if that, I was surprised how quick it was done with. For the rest of the day I had period pain- probably the best way to describe it but keep topped up on paracetamol. I took some paracetamol before the produre, For the rest of the day and the next day I was told to do nothing at all, just rest.

Your other half would be sat at your head end so he wont see whats happening down below. They had the screen on like in the colposcopy, I watched as she put the vinegar on to highlight the cells but the nurse stood in front of the screen and held my hand so I couldnt see the treatment being done,

Take care

Louise xx

Hi Louise, 

Just had my LLETZ done today and I would agree that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I decided to take today and tomorrow off work just in case but the nurses were asking if I was going back into the office this afternoon! I think I probably had worse cramps following my colposcopy and biopsies.

The waiting is definitely the worst part :( hope everything goes well for you xx