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So I have been diagnosed CIN2 after biopsy and need to have lletz. I'm crying and upset and so scared they find cancer or that I can't have kids and dreading the procedure. Can anyone help and give advice I am in bits

Hey alizee! I'm so sorry this wasn't the news you was hoping for. I don't know much as obviously going through same myself and waiting for my own results. I have read a lot of people's storys and I think the treatment is safe to have and you should go on to have normal fertility!! I know how your feeling it's terrifying but this is a very common procedure and it's put in place to help u and stop anything really bad happening. it will take all the bad cells away you will go for a follow up and then back to normal yearly smears atleast it will all be gone and you can move on with your life all being well. My mum and nan both have had to have treatment for abnormak cells and have gone into to live normal happy life's with no reacurence of anymore abnormalities. Try to find comfort in that your being watched and very much looked after! I know it isn't easy. Please let us know how you get on. Sending u hugs xxxx

Hi Alizee!


Bless you poor thing I wish I could give you a hug!

I know exactly how you feel. About a week before Christmas I went for my first smear, and less than 2 weeks after I received a letter stating I had high grade dyskaryosis. HPV wasn't mentioned. I had a colposcopy and ended up having LLETZ for treatment of CIN grade 1 and 2 cells. I had my treatment at the end of January and believe me when I say it's not as bad as you think it will be. Will you be having a local or a general anaesthetic? 

One round of LLETZ shouldn't affect your fertility. There is a small chance that you may have a premature baby but when the time comes your doctor/midwife will be aware of this and will be able to monitor you carefully. All of this is preventative, so that you don't get cancer later on on life.

I know it's horrible but in a month or so it will all be over. I know it's easier said than done but please try not to panic. Sending you hugs :)





Really dont worry i doubt it would be any worse than what you have been told as you have been told CIN2 look at it that its not as bad as CIN3 so don't worry yourself. If im honest my punch biopsy i felt was more painful than Lletz and this next time you kind of know what to expect.


I didnt even feel the local anaesthetic when i had my Lletz.


With regards to kids one course of Lletz shouldn't effect your fertility at all it states. You only run risk of giving birth a bit earlier. They can monitor you and pop a stitch in your cervix whilst your pregnant to hold baby in place if they feel it necessary :)


One step at a time they are doing everything to prevent anything worse happening to you in the future. Chin up and positive thoughts :)

Thanks guys, they asked me if I wanted general or local anaesthetic and I chose local because there are less risks. After your lletz how long was the bleeding, was it a full month? And did you not have sex for a whole month also? Also, did you have any other problems? thanks xxx

Hi Alizee. I had a colposcopy and LLETZ done for CIN3 two weeks ago. So I am still waiting on my results. By the way, the LLETZ is nothing to worry about. You barely feel a thing. Anyway, the doctor told me that it does not affect fertility, it does not cause miscarraige, but it may result in giving birth early. She said if I ever become pregnant in future (i dont have any children), to let the midwife / hospital know that I have had a LLETZ in the past, and they will monitor me accordingly. Judging by the amount of people on this forum, the LLETZ is a very common treatment to have, so they would be well used to people informing them that they had one. Please try not to worry. My CIN3 is at the high end of the scale. I also did not have a smear test in over 10 years. But I have chosen not to worry. Worrying will not change anything and will make me sick. And if it is a case that my results come back as cancer, well I dont want to go fighting that battle when I have already worn myself down with worry. 

Take care xx


Like i say i felt the colp and punch biopsy was more painful than colp and lletz!


Def less risks and much better recovery time then general.


I didnt even feel the local didnt realise they had done it! Plus you kind of know what is happening this time. I just lay back closed my eyes and took deep breaths and it was all done.

Everyone is different in respect of healing. I took my pill packets back to back as i was due on my period 10 days after Lletz and nurse advised this so i knew if it was period or thr scab bleeding.

TMI-First 10days i just had a yellowy watery discharge. Then dark red brown discharge with some gritty bits which is the scab coming off.

I did go drs yesterday as i had a bit of fresh spotting the other day and it smelt a little bit so just wanted to make sure it wasnt infected. GP said they get very little guidance from hospital as to what is and isnt normal afterwards. She sid an exam and put me on 2 lots of antibiotics to clear anything out. Its still got a reddy/brown discharge now 18days on.


I was told no baths no sex and no tampons for 6 weeks even though leaflet said 4weeks. I think its to give u max recovery time.



Thanks for all the info. At this point obviously having kids is less important to me than staying alive. How likely or unlikely is it that they find actual cancer after removing CIN2 by LLETZ? Any statistics on that?

I cant comment statistically but CIN1 is lowest and they dont really do any procedures on that just monitor.  CIN2 is  one up and CIN3 highest.


They are all precancer cells. Mine is CIN3 and thoughts not really crossed my mind as its precancerous theyve sent the punch biospy off which came back as CIN3 as yours came back CIN2.  If it was any worse id of thought the lab would have discovered it when they do the biopsy as thats the whole point of it. Your biospy was CIN2 so the Lletz is to remove the CIN2 and make sure the margins are clear as in theyve removed all the CIN2.  It would be your biopsy that should reveal how bad it is.


Probably waffled there hope it makes sense lol :)

Let's hope you're right. It's still scary! I was hoping to try for a baby this year (I don't have kids) but the nurse on the phone advised I shouldn't try for one until my 6 month check up come back ok after lletz. Really annoying and upsetting to say the least! 

Hi! I'm so sorry you feel so upset, sounds like me when I first got my smear result! I have just had a lletz for cin 3 and honestly it was no big deal, was a bit uncomfortable but hardly hurt.. The waiting is the hardest bit and the anticipation of pain. 


I found what helped was chatting to a GP at my surgery, I saw a really nice lady doctor who put everything into perspective for me. Sometimes it's nice to get things explained properly, the letters they send seem so abrupt! You have to remember that these abnormalities are SO common, the nurse who did my lletz said 1 in 10 women will get them at some point. I think it would be incredibly rare to find cancer from cin 2 especially after a biopsy, I was worried about  it too but from what I've read cervical cancer usually originates in the transformation zone, which is the area taken in a biopsy... So anything would generally be picked up at that stage. Even if by some remote chance it's missed it would be so tiny that it would be easily removed with the lletz. 


It's hard not to go over and over it  but honestly it gets better. You'll feel more normal as time goes on. Try not to speculate and Google worst case scenarios. Think of it as you've been so lucky that they've caught it at an early stage, you'll be closely monitored now :) 


All the best, keep us updated! 

Hi guys,

I had my lletz done in the first week of jan for CIN3. I was beside myself the whole time and rang after a week and a half to check my results and that they’d removed it all. The lady at the colposcopy clinic was so nice and told me that the had removed it completely over the phone. I think that instead of worrying yourself you should ring and chase results up. I felt like I was a little bit in control.

CIN2 and CIN3 are pre cancerous cells. This is the only test that identifies cells before they turn cancerous, and that’s only a possibility. My mum works in a surgery and I’m close to all the doctors who put my mind at rest. The whole point of this is identifying nasty cells BEFORE they end up cancerous. Which Is amazing really!!

So get rid of them and try not to worry. I know it’s easy to say cause I’d written myself off but these people know what their talking about.

I’m over 7 weeks post lletz and things almost back to normal.

Much love,


Tell me about the kids things i was going to come off my pill in Jan 15 however couldnt when i got my abnormal results. My consultant told me to wait for the lletz results in 6weeks before trying for a baby plus you cant have sex in that time anyway. He said if i could wait until the 6mth check up that would be better but not an issue if i started beforehand.


Its a bit annoying isnt it but hey waited this long to try for a baby whats a few months! :)