Fertility Risk



My names Carla, im 29. I'm hoping there's someone on here that can help ease my mind. I'm Such a worrier. In Oct 2014 i went for my 2nd routine smear screening. Within 2 weeks of having the test i had a letter refering me to the Colposcopy clinic at my local hospital after the test had shown abnormal cells. It was discovered i had CIN3 and i would need a Lletz procedure to remove the cells. After an agonising wait, i recieved a further letter telling me the 1st lletz procedure had not been fully sucessfull and a 2nd one would need to be carried out. I can honestly say that its been a horrible and scary process to be going through, i do luckily have a very supportive fiance and my best friend is a Nurse so has been with me to all my appointments. After the 2nd Lletz i was sent a letter telling me they were 'optimistic' that all the abnormal cells had been removed and i would be called back for a routine smear in 6 months time. Jump forward to 6 months, 11 sep 2015, i addented my routine smear test at the colposopy clinic and the consultant said from the image on the screen my cervix looked as it should with no visible abnormal cells. Skip to now, a week or so later. Ive recieved a generic letter from the cervical screening programme telling me i STILL have abnormal cells and that i will be recieving a letter from my colposcopy clinic for another in-depth look. I took it upon myself to call my consulatants secretary as i was over-whelmed by the letter not to mention confused, angry, worried and hysterical! i am now to be discussed at the MDT meeting (25th sep 2015) about what further action to take in regards to my care. I am SO SO scared. I've already had half of my cervix removed and my consultant said to me at my second lletz procedure they wouldn't be able top remove anymore. SO what now?? i dont have any children but planned on having one after my wedding in September next year. Has anyone else had more that 2 lletz procedures and gone on to have a some-what 'normal' pregnancy? im so worried that this is going to affect my chances of first of all getting pregnant, secondly not miscarrying, and thirdly carrying to full term? I currently feel like my whole future is being turned on its head. Sorry for carrying on, but i just needed to get this off my chest to someone who might be able to help or thats been in a similar situation.






p.s excuse the spelling mistakes, it is 3:30 in the morning.... lol

Hi Carla I can't help with your question but from what I have read on other posts on here there are things that can be done to help pregnant mothers after procedures done to the cervix. I am also worried about this and I have two children already and have only had one lletz procedure done so i can imagine you are very anxious. Is it possible for you to ask your consultant when you see them next I'm sure they will have lots of answers to reassure you :) I hope everything goes well for you xxxxxx

I don't know if I can answer all of your question, but when asking about my procedure, which is only a punch biopsy, I asked about fertility risks for any future treatment too.  They said even if I had a more invasive cervical procedure, that they can put a temporary stitch in to help carry the pregnancy, then remove it late in the pregnancy.  Hopefully that's an option for you too!

Hi, fron my own experience I have discussed the challenges of having multiple lletz at length with the consultants. There are two types of stitch that can be placed to support the cervix during pregnancy. The first is vaginally, which is the most common type and the second is more of a band that is placed around the top of the cervix in the womb, abdominally. I was due to have the latter placed this month after having had 4 Lletz and due to having no cervix left. Unfortunately my latest smear returned another moderate result a week before I was due to have the surgery (and about a month before starting IVF) so it was postponed. Like you I am being discussed at the MDT meeting while they decide what to do. Having said all that I know how scary and daunting it is after each procedure that you feel you're at risk of not carrying a baby to full term. They will always take the minimal action to preserve your fertility and we have to take hope from the fact that there are things they can do to help you still have your baby.