CIN 2-3 symptoms disappear ?

I’m new to the forum and am here because I had a smear result of high grade changes (severe) and am booked in for a colposcopy this Wednesday.
I’ve been having weird symptoms for over 8 months now with no GP able to get to the bottom of, now naturally freaking out about this smear result!
I wondered if anyone had symptoms with high grade changes on their smear, and had them removed at the colposcopy and after their symptoms went?
Would you have weird symptoms with CIN 2-3?
Sorry if this makes no sense I’m really anxious and a bit fleety at the moment!

Hi Hun I had my first smear in October and mine came back high grade too I had to go for a colposcopy and they took three biopsies and I didn't find it painful at all my friends also got the same and been today for hers and she said it was ok too... I was never told what cin mine was just it was definitely pre cancer and that I definitely needed treatment and that was two weeks ago so my heads in the clouds worried sick... I had bleeding after sex iv bled once when weeing but suffer bad with belly ache... my friend on the other hand who has been graded cin 2/3 has had not symptoms at all every body is different... hope all goes well sending hugs... p.s sorry for essay xxx

Oh gosh lovely it's all so scary when you have to wait for results! will you be told what CIN you have once the biopsy results come Back?

its daunting and I'm hoping, same as you I'm sure, that the symptoms are because of the precancerous cells and not because of anything worse :( 

theres nothing I can find about having symptoms of any kind if you have CIN 1,2 or 3!

i have been so tired lately with pain in my pelvis and womb like a dragging feeling! no bleeding in between periods but my periods are so long and heavy since the start of this year it's rubbish :( 

let me know how you get on with your results lovely it's all so scary and nice to have someone to talk to whilst it's all happening x

I've been looking around for answers to this very question! I just got a cone biopsy for CIN3 (no cancer was found, but is suspected, which is why the doctor recommended the cone - will get results on Monday). I can tell you of one major difference post-cone: Before I got it done, I'd been having some nasty back pain on the lower right side of my spine for a few months, even after the colposcopy biopsies. I thought it might've been due to bad posture, but became very worried as the date for my cone came up. I haven't felt it again since the surgery. Other twinges of random back pain and cramping, sure, but I think that's part of healing from the cone. It does seem that some ladies will occasionally have some back or belly pain, even just with CIN, so it might not be anything you need to worry about too much.

Hi ladies,

I had symptoms when I had CIN3 cells which were, Spotting (as I don't have periods this was concerning) Bleeding after sex and pain during sex, as mentioned above, everyone is different, I still have some of these symptoms every now and then but I have recently been informed that I have a cervical ectropian and this may contribute to a lot of the problems i now have rather than it having anything to do with previous history.

Try not to panic hun and i hope you get some answers soon x