CIN 1 and Cervical Erosion

Hi guys!

I've been having problems with post-coital and between period bleeding for a few years now. Been on a range of pills since I was 15 (8 years ago).

After many useless doctors and hospital appointments I was finally referred to a gyno and had a colposcopy a few weeks ago. I've been for my results today and discovered that I have CIN1, a large erosion and HPV. The gyno did say that he could remove the CIN1 cells, however this could lead to a weakened cervix which could then affect having children in the future (premature birth etc). So we have gone for the 'wait and see' in 4 months. This consistent bleeding is really getting me down as it affects my everyday life and has been ongoing since the start of my current relationship 6 months ago (I want to be able to have sex like a normal person!!).

My question is: why can nothing be done about the erosion? I'm feeling a bit lost and just wanting a solution now... so if anyone's had any similar experiences I would be extremely grateful!