2nd erosion in 6 months

I saw my GP earlier this year who said I had cervical erosion.


Went to colposcopy in march saw HPV and suspected CIN1.


Results came back as CIN2 and I had a LLETZ 


Ever since the LLETZ I've had a lot of bleeding especially during and after sex, bright red blood during and darker blood after.

Had my test for cure today and Dr said bad erosion but couldn't see any abnormal cells. He applied silver nitrate and performed a smear (which made me bleed) 

Said results on a few weeks and seemed hopeful all would be fine.

So I have 2 questions here;

1- what causes cervical erosion

2- why has it come back again?


Anyone else had similar?


Hiya, I understand what you are going through as I also have cervical erosion. It can be caused by a number of things. It can be because you have been taking oral contraceptives for a long time and the extra oestrogen causes the layers of your cervix to thin out. It can also be caused also if you have a difficult time during child birth. Or you could have just been born with a delicate cervix. I don't know why it has come back again, I guess it just must mean luck of the draw!