CIN 1 after LEEP procedure

Hi! Last year I was diagnosed with CIN 3 and positive HPV. They did the LEEP procedure, 6 months after that my PAP smear came back normal. I also received the vaccine for HPV.
Now almost a year after that they did colposcopy again and a biopsy and there it is CIN 1.
My doctor says that we shouldn’t do anything, just come back after 6 months, but another doctor I consulted thinks we should do something.

I really don’t know how to feel about this. Has anyone had this too?

You can ask them if you had clear margins or positive margins after the excision. Based on that you can have a clearer picture of what is the best course of action and talk with your doctor again. In the meantime, if you keep watch and wait approach, there are people like me also who get some supplements to help our body get rid of persistent hpv like curcumin or turkey tail from holland and barrett. I also use vaginal suppositories (colpofix) and other people tried papilocare and deflagyn. Finally, if you smoke, quit, and avoid alcohol. Healthy diet, lots of cruciferous veggies and orange-like fruits help and do exercise, walk etc. Also, avoid using tampons and no birth control pill, plus condom during sex is adviced.

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, on the biopsy report it said there were clear margins.
I do not smoke, drink, I go to the gym. Hopefully this gets cleared, cause we are trying to conceive, but having these problems makes it harder, I think.

But thank you for the advice.

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