Confusing results six moths after LEEP

Hi everyone! This is my first post - but I've been reading all of your great advice and supportive posts for almost a year now. You all are incredible and so inspiring! 

A little about me...
I'm 32, living in the U.S. In July 2017, I was HPV-positive, but had a normal pap smear. A year later, I had an abnormal pap and was diagnosed with CIN II/III. I got my first-ever LEEP in December, and the margins came back clear. 

I just had my six-month followup, and the results are confusing (even my doctor is confused!). I'm HPV-positive, the pap showed mild dysplasia and the biopsy showed moderate dysplasia (CIN II). 

The doctor said a few things could be happening: 

  1. Option 1: She didn't get it all when she did the LEEP (seems very unlikely, given clear margins). 
  2. Option 2: The previous HPV infection is aggressive and the CIN II is back. 
  3. Option 3: I could have gotten a new HPV infection from my new partner (as of February), and CIN I could have been read/reported as CIN II. (Unlikely that a new infection would have progressed to CIN II within five months.) 

The doctor recommended that I wait for six months and get another pap and colposcopy to see if things have progressed, or if the infection clears.

Has anyone had a similar experience post-LEEP? I'm a little panicked - was honestly very much expecting to get clear results from six-month follow-up appointment, especially since the doctor said everything "looked good!" - so I would love to get some perspectives. 

Thanks in advance for any advice you're able to provide! 

- itsmegessa 

I got clear margins as well...I had severe high grade, had a cone and have clear margins...My doctor told me that I have to go for the follow up in 6 months (which is this april) because due to the high grade it could come back...I was so excited having clear margins that I forgot to ask will it turn into cancer in that time, but I did ask my family doctor and he said no worries it will take a long time for that...I wouldn't worry to much. It probably go away on  its own or she may have to do another treatment