Confused about results???

I received my results back from the leep I had 3 April, it’s come back cin1 with an area of hpv but their not sure if the margins are clear or not??? I’m really confused now? Did my cin2 turn back into cin1? Was hpv already there before? And if my margins are not clear will they have to cut more from my cervix again? I was given the results by the receiptionist and she sounded very unsure about what she was saying? My consultant is back from his holiday next week so she said he will tell me the full story… ( surely they have to have the full story before giving you any results??)

Has anyone experienced this before and if so could you shed some light on my confused situation?

Also it appears from my leep i have developed an infection… So now taking antibiotics , is it common to get an infection after? Can it cause complications with further treatment if that is the case??

Thank you for reading xxx

Hi small_lady. Sorry to hear you are confused. I've not been in the same situation as you so can only comment using my experience. I do know it is perfectly possible for cin 1&2 cells to return to normal on their own. The body usually fights the hpv infection itself, taking up to 2 yrs in some cases so it sounds feasible your cells have "downgraded." I'm not sure if you'll need more treatment or not. As my first result was cgin3 & i didn't have clear margins i did need more lletz but as your results aren't so severe you may not need more. Hopefully the consultant can offer more advice when he is back. As for infections , never having one i'm not sure how common they are but ive read on here several women have had one. Good luck. Sorry i can't be more helpful but didn't want you to feel alone.x

Hi Catherine74,

Thank you for your kind reply, and your experiences. It sounds crazy but even though I think I may be in a better place now regarding cin1 I still feel on edge about the whole thing. The day after they told me and the Wednesday I felt really positive that everything would now be ok… But today I woke up and again the first thing that came into my head was… What if??? I should be grateful that I’m in a better place but for some un known reason I’m not??? I so wanted the results to be totally clear and to feel like my body was back to just being ‘normal’ but this horrible little cells are still lurking around and I’m finding it difficult to except it.

I probably sound really moany, I’m really not like that. I Just want me back, us back ( relationship with my husband) and life to be as it was before all this came about 6 months ago.
Are you awaiting results at the moment? Has your treatment been done and was successful? I do hope so, I hope and pray for all the brave wonderful ladies on here.

Thank you again for your time xxx

Small_lady, I don’t think you are being moany at all. I had another colpo under GA yesterday as my abnormalities were going up into the cervical canal. I shan’t get the results for a few weeks apparently but even if they tell me they’ve got all the nasties, like you, I shall still feel on edge. Because of the cgin3 i think they’ve got to see me for the next 10 years but at least they don’t leave you with it but keep checking up. I guess as long as you keep up all your follow-up appts, you are doing the best thing. I guess it’s just knowing there’s something down there that is changing & you can’t see which way it’s changing. I hope it gets easier for you. All the best x