CIN1 and persistent HPV

Just got my biopsy results. High risk HPV and CIN1. I’m worried and have some questions:

  1. There were a lot of aceto white areas on my cervix, but I only had one biopsy. How can I be sure they haven’t missed CIN2 or 3?

  2. Is there any point in getting the vaccine?

  3. Any thoughts on Papilocare or AHCC?

  4. Should I start using condoms? (I’m postmenopausal and have a long term partner)

  5. Should I be worried? A year seems a long time to wait and see.

Hi @Jude

We all have the same fears when we have that confirmation of HR HPV and CIN, but while someone is being monitored the chances of someone developing CC is less than 1%

  1. The colposcopist knows what they are looking at in terms of where they need to take a biopsy from (if one is needed as they dont always need to take a biopsy) the stages of CIN have different shades so they would be able to determine what needs biopsying

  2. The vaccines are only beneficial to strains we havnt already been exposed too, not ones we already have… there are studies that in some it can help with high grade lesions but the only thing to clear an active HPV infection is through our own immune systems, the reason why the older generation arnt eligible unless they pay for it themselves is because its assumed we contract HPV within the first years of sexual activity with everybody by the age of 40 being exposed, as it doesnt help with a strain we already have its deemed not suitable for them as its assumed its already been aquired

  3. Anything that claims to clear the virus and the issues it may cause is very controversial… as CIN nomatter the grade can and does regress by itself and HPV usually clears within 1-2 years, its not actually proven whether our immune systems did it or whether it was the “treatment” as it could just be coincidental… i tried AHCC for a full year and i still tested positive at my follow up, in some it can be a money pit as it is expensive, and tbh its only been trialed in 50 women since 2014 so there isnt enough data to say whether it could potentially be beneficial… plus with the amount of peope who have a current active infection and clear it within the average timeframe without knowing about their infection… there isnt a need to buy expensive stuff to help clear it, immune system over the counter boosters/vitamins especially b vitamins have been proven to help boost the immune system

  4. There isnt a need to start using condoms when you have a long term partner, condoms are only recommended to help reduce the risk of spread, but as condoms dont cut the risk of spread out all together long term partners will always share the same strains

  5. Cell changes mostly take years to progress, CIN1 although a CIN, isnt seen as a true precancer unless it persists over a period of time or it progresses to a higher grade, most often than not it does go away on its own without the need to intervene so with low grade changes the watch and wait approach is the best approach to take as it stops unnecessary procedures going forward xx


Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply to all my questions.

I’m worried because I’ve had high risk HPV for 4 years now and can’t seem to fight it off. This is the first colposcopy where I’ve had visible cell changes and I’m concerned about progression. I was hoping I’d be able to clear the virus and avoid CIN.

I guess I’m just trying to find something to help me shift it.

Hi Jude,

Not really much to say in the way of help but just more in solidarity, I’ve been in the same boat for almost 10 years. Its quite frustrating and sometimes worrying. I did ask my colposcopist back in 2021 if they could perfom LLETZ as my cells were constantly changing and i constantly had HPV and they said they wouldnt do it because it was CIN1 and they just keep an eye on it.

Having read a few messages on here it has actually made me feel better in that, firstly, I dont feel alone at all and secondly, the practitioners on the whole really seem to know what the doing and know whats best for you. Colposcopies are uncomfortable and undignified, i really hate them BUT I think as long as you keep going to your appointments and keep an eye on things thats the best thing you can do for yourself.

I hope it goes away soon!

Thanks so much for your reply Jess. It’s so frustrating and worrying isn’t it. I hope you’re doing OK.

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