Age 23 and CIN2 changes

Hello everyone,

i am 23 and started to have post coital bleeding so was sent for an urgent referal to colposcopy as I’m under 25.

i had 3 biopsies taken and waiting for results- the doctor said 4 weeks. The doctor believes it would only be CIN1. 

sadly had to go hospital yesterday, as I have an infection post biopsy. When I was there the surgeon ( not a gynaecologist) looked for my biopsy results and told me it was positive for CIN2! Was not expecting this! When I questioned this, he said he was unsure as he isn’t a gynaecologist ( so why did he tell me results!!!!) and told me to wait for gynae to contact me 

So now I’m just waiting for my letter, to confirm these results and tell me the process for going forward- I am very worried and scared.

Do they routinely treat CIN2 in under 25s?

And if confirmed HPV, is it worth looking into having the HPV vaccine for the future?


Thankyou x 

I understand the shock and surprise. At my colposcopy exam the OBGYN told me it looked to be CIN 1. Biopsy results said CIN 2 and the pathology from my LLETZ came back as CIN 3!!

I was 30 at the time and was given an option to wait and see after I was told I had CIN 2 but I went ahead with treatment and I'm glad I did as it turned out to be worse than we thought. 

My OBGYN also told me it's worth getting the vaccine which I have since gotten :) 

Oh wow! What a shock for you also!

thankyou so much for your reply! I will look into this :)