CIN1 but still worried this might progress to higher grades

Hi everyone,

I’m new to post something here, but have been reading everyones’s experiences while I was waiting for my biopsy result, which really did help to calm me down (thank you for sharing your experiences)

After a long 9 weeks of waiting, my biopsy result finally came back with high grade HPV positive with CIN1 - I was told this is good news? And they are discharging me with the next smear test in a year’s time. I don’t feel confident that it will go away on its own but when I asked the nurse if they recommended me to have a treatment anyway because I just want it gone, they said it was not a smart choice because I will be weakening my cervical wall, especially when I am planning to get pregnant this year (I am 40 and my body clock is ticking)
Despite the low grade diagnosis and the ability that the body immune system can get rid of this by itself, I am still worried that my body won’t.

I was wondering if there was anyone here that had the same or similar situation as me and it did clear by itself, or not… I would really love to hear your stories :pray:
Or are there any life style changes that might help get rid of it.

I would say I am generally healthy, I exercise a lot and I would’ve thought that I have a pretty good immune system - I have not been ill for over a year and when I do get ill, I recover really well. But my smear result showed HPV + since Dec 2022, they told me to do nothing and a year later now I have CIN1, and again they told me to do nothing, so I’m super nervous that this may progress into CIN2 or CIN3, as my body seems to not be getting rid of it.

So confused what to do next :cry:

Hi Palm and welcome to the forum
I am sure some other supportive ladies will be along soon. I can understand your anxiety about clearing HPV and your CIN1.

From what I have read, there doesn’t seem to be a massive difference in age for people who can clear vs people who can’t.

It’s good you want to be proactive! There is a thread on here about HPV toolkits, if you search ‘toolkit’ it should come up and there are ideas of supplements people are taking. There are studies to suggest that they are helpful although results between studies do vary

Many supplement suggestions focus on the B vitamins, green tea, curcumin and high quality mushroom supplements. There is also Papilocare, which is a vaginal gel you squeeze in that helps to heal the cervix

The company that makes it has done studies on women over 40 with low grade changes, so not dissimilar to yourself and your situation
It is expensive but it might be worth the investment if you are concerned about the impact on your fertility of any treatments for cell changes

I’ve seen information where pregnancy and birth can go either way for women with cell changes and HPV. For some giving birth kind of clears out the infection and for others the effect on pregnancy on the immune system can make cell changes persist or progress, so I think its worth giving the supplements a go x

Hi Cloverradio,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a really thorough response.
The supplements section is very very useful and I’ve made a few orders!

Interesting thoughts on the pregnancy and HPV cell changes… I will have a look into it further as we really want to have a family. I guess I will just have to make sure that I maintain a healthy life style making dure to boost my immune system anyway I can and hope for the best x

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You’re welcome! Sounds like you have a practical approach which is great

Nice to hear you have treated yourself to some supplements, what did you choose?

Hi Cloverradio,

I’m taking AHCC by Papillex, Vit D and C, Green tea extract, Zinc, folic acid and curcumin. Contemplating if I should add B12 on the list too… there are so many I’m taking already and the AHCC alone is well pricey!

I would have also loved to hear more positive stories of getting rid of CIN1 & HR HPV but I guess once people get rid of them, they wouldn’t want to think about the traumatic experiences they’ve been through anymore, which i absolutely understand.

I hope you are keeping well x


I would suggest B12, it is not as expensive as some of the others on the list and is worth it I think. I know AHCC is very expensive

Some people use Turkey Tail and/or Reishi extracts instead of AHCC. There was a preliminary study done on oral HPV with those two extracts and it had good results for clearance but it’s not clear how that would translate to HPV in the cervix.

You are right that people often don’t come back to forums with good news, and I totally understand why x

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