Cervical Dysplasia- CIN 1/CIN 2


This is my first time posting on Jo’s. I’ve read lots of stories on here regarding cervical dysplasia but just wanted to share my experience to see if anyone is going through the same situation as I am. 

Long story short, 6 months ago I got my pap smear results that stated I had abnormal cells in my cervix. The doctor performed a colposcopy and unfortunately showed up as CIN 2. So, she recommended doing a LEEP procedure. The day of the procedure she sat with me and told me that she spoke to a number of doctors and didn’t think that a LEEP was a good option for me since I am young (26 years old) and most of the times can away on its own. I know it was a bit inconvenient telling me the same day but I guess she was being conservative. What she decided to do instead was take another biopsy. When the results came in she informed that my cells were at CIN 1 which I was very confused about because I didn’t expect for my cells to go from CIN 2 to CIN 1 within a month but decided to trust in her word and waited. Here I am 4 months after going to a GYN/ Oncologist. He checked my cervix with the vinegar that they apply to see the cells and informed that there is definitely something there. He said it doesn’t look like cancer or anything like that but that he recommends getting the cells removed by doing the laser treatment. 

My question is should I get a biopsy one last time before even getting them removed? I am just so overwhelmed and frustrated by all of this. What if I really do have CIN 1? What if I’m ok with waiting? I would love to hear your responses!

Cervical Dysplasia 

I would get rid of them. I have an abnormal pap . 2 actually.  Both are "abnormal squamous cells of undertimend significance" with HR HPV. Colpo is tomorrow. I just want it overwith.

Biopsy is very small piece taken from the area, it also depends from which part it was taken, and can vary in result. CIN2 is not going by itself, so my advise is don’t wait. LEEP is not so invasive like classical cone biopsy, and everyone is doing it for young girls as well. I am 26 and I had it. It is safe and gynes are really cautious for young girls who haven’t gave birth yet. My advise is to remove that area which is affected, because the least you need is that thing progressing. Good luck and have faith. :)