CIN 1/2. Awaiting LEEP procedure. Worried about impact on future pregnancies


I’m 27. I had my first smear at the end of 2019 and it came back stating I had one of the high risk strains of HPV but no abnormal cells were found. I was asked to come back for another smear in 12 months.

I had the second smear earlier this year. It came back stating that I still had HPV and that this time, abnormal cells (CIN 1) had been found. A colposcopy was arranged.

When I had the colposcopy in June, a biopsy was taken. When I received those results, they came back saying I had CIN 1/2 and the LEEP procedure was recommended.

I am now awaiting an appointment for the LEEP procedure. I have lots of questions and haven’t felt that I’ve had any opportunity to speak to any medical professionals about them (I felt hurried through my colposcopy which was quite upsetting and I had lots I wanted to ask!).

If anyone can offer any insight/thoughts about the below, I’d be really grateful:

  1. I’m really worried about the impact of the LEEP procedure on any future pregnancies (I haven’t had any children yet). Is it reasonable to be worried about this?

  2. I’ve read that there are some alternative treatments to the LEEP procedure (involving freezing, lasering etc). I’m unsure if they pose less risk to pregnancy and whether the NHS offer them?

  3. Is it unreasonable that part of me wants to see if my body simply clears the virus and the cells? I wouldn’t be saying this if I had CIN 3 but I’ve read that CIN 1 / CIN 2 can often regress and I’ve been doing things like eating better and taking supplements like AHCC in an attempt to improve my immune system etc.

Thank you for reading. Any thoughts would be welcome! X


I had the same worry, I haven’t had kids yet.

So I had HPV- high dyskariosis, so got booked in for a colposcopy and a Loop ( Loop is where they burn the cervix to burn the cells away)

My biopsy was confined CIN3, I was offered a hysterectomy but I declined as I want children.

They then booked me in for a LLETZ under general, and after they informed me to get clear margins they did take 85% of my cervix, meaning when I do fall pregnant I will now need my cervix sown closed to prevent miscarrying and ill be classed as high risk, possible bed for most part my pregnancy.

Even if you are just CIN1/2 I’d take the treatments they offer, just so it don’t escalate go CIN3 as that does come with more complications for pregnancy. ( for me anyways, not all woman have 85% cervix taken lol) xx

Hey, i had the same worries before i had Lletz 2 weeks ago, in my smear results came back moderate dyskeryiosis and predicted Cin 2 ( which is where i was contemplating the watch and wait and see if it could go back to normal by itself and try for baby), after colposcopy my biopsy came back that they found all 3 Cin 1-2 and 3 present so they said i needed to get it removed, i asked about future pregnancy and they said the first Lletz shoudn’t affect having kids, but it also does depend on how much they take, with me having all 3 Cins i thought they would take loads but it was about size of little finger tip and i’ve only had mild cramping and discharge not much bleeding since, i’ve also got my period on predicted day and its only little heavier than usual so i am relieved its not as bad as i was fearing beforehand. It affects everyone differently and my advice would be to do what feels right for you .

Also its very reasonable that you would feel the way that you do, i did too. If my biopsy had came back Cin 2 i think i may have done the watch and wait approach but at the same time i’m glad the procedure is done i’m hoping my results will come back alright and i can forget about it for a while atleast