choice over treatment type/place mentioned in my previous post, I have a colscopy booked for I have high level dyskaryosis i'm looking at treatment for abnormal cells as a very best case scenario (can't even stomach thinking about the worst case).....the hospital I'm going to uses lletz....the women's hospital in next borough uses laser....if I have abnormal cells that need removing can I opt to be treated at a different borough's hospital so I can have laser as oppose to lletz? I had read that laSer has less effect on cervix in form of scaring....and while for all I know having kids in future may be a luxury I'm about to lose anyway depending on what is found...I'd like to try preserve if it is feasible and keep my cervix as strong as possible 


Thanks in advance





A lot of clinics are 'see and treat' wihch means they often do the treatment the same day. If you have moderate or severe changes they will be looking to remove those cells. You might want to speak to someone before 17th, perhaps your GP or ring the clinic? Under patient choice I believe you would be able to ask if it might be possible to go to another hospital, and your GP or consultant could help with this if it can be done. They can also advise on how long you might have to wait to be seen.

Although I can't comment on what you've read about scarring, I've had LLETZ and laser treatments. Laser burns away the cells so there will be an effect on the cervix. With LLETZ the abnormal cells are removed and the area sealed, they can test the whole sample and check the margins are clear. With laser the cells are burnt and so can't be tested, and also they can't check for clear margins in the same way. Speaking to a doctor, perhaps someone at the clinic, may help more than looking online. Depending on the amount of cells that would need to be lasered from your cervix, they may be able to advise you whether one option would produce less scarring the other. 

They can stitch the cervix after LLETZ if you became pg, so if you do go for that option it doesn't mean thee aren't things they can do. 

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide x


Hi Claire,

It think it's worth mentioning that with both laser and LLETZ, they don't affect fertility or getting pregnant so you don't have to worry about that. Lots of women have it done everyday and go on to have children perfectly fine. Like Twilight mentioned, if a larger area is taken away during laer or LLETZ then a stitch is put in place when you become pregnant to strengthen the cervix. My friend had two LLETZ procedures and then when she got pregenant she had her stitch done and it took a matter of minutes - she's now due to give birth next week.

Abnormal cells don't mean cancer and don't mean you lose your fertility so try not to worry :-)

Lucy x

Thank you both...I'm going for colposcopy  tomorrow so will see what they say xxxx