Check up collywobbles

So weird. Off for a check up today and suddenly feel really anxious about it. More anxious than I have been at previous ones.

I think it's because I have been really trying to move forward lately and now this is forcing me to remember that it's not really over yet.

i also ran into my surgeon twice in the last week, once at the M&S cheese counter and again at a restaurant on Saturday. He's a cheery soul but its unsettling to keep seeing him out of context. 

ah well, just got to push on through I suppose. Wish me luck, I'm going in!

Good luck x

It's funny how sometimes you worry about the check ups and other times your ok.  Good luck, you will be fine.  Think of it as another milestone ticked off. :-) xxx

Yes it was ok in the end. Different (but nice young) doctor to my usual one though, being treated at a teaching hospital means you don't always get the organ grinder. Still, he was very keen and rather sweet.

Did feel a bit weepy and unsettled afterwards though. Went back to work and fortunately I have a young male boss who suggested I go home early today. I think he was worried that I might start talking about vaginas in the office again.

Feel much better now I'm home and curled up on the sofa with a G&T. I'm sure I'll be my usual perky self tomorrow, but today I'm going to allow myself a small wallow.

Hi Rosehip,


Isn't it great when you have a male boss.  Mine just says ok, do what you need to do, take the day off.  Inside I know he is thinking don't tell me the detail and  please DO NOT CRY. ha ha

I hope you are feeling better today.  I take the whole day off for my 3 month check ups now and go shopping afterwards to treat myself to something nice.  I try to focus on the nice part of the day.  I still have a bit of a wobble but it seems to work for me.  My next one is Friday and I have my eye on a pair of new shoes, lol  ;-) Tess  xxx

Hey ladies,

I get in a total pickle when I see the check up looming in the calendar. usually about 2 weeks before I start panicking about how my body feels and all of a sudden every ache and pain must be a sign of something sinister. I find it hard to sleep or concentrate.

My male boss also lets me work from home on check up day which is great. I meet my partner afterwards for a lunch and by then feel lots better!

I hope it went well Rosehip. I've been put on 4 month check ups now so slowly inching away :)


Hi Rosehip

I know what you mean ....:(

Glad to see your humour still wins in the end though :))

Kath xx