Another check up done

Another check up done! Phew! This is the first one I have attended alone as my partner just got a new job. It was harder than I thought!

Painful to take smear as usual and stil no answers as to why I am experiencing pains off and on ervy few days over 6 months after surgery. 

I was hoping to find out the results of my audit today but the dr said the team hasn't started looking as people diagnosed in 2016 yet so hopefully I will find out sometime in the near ish future..

I have been a grump all week! Been keeping myself so busy all this time and then I feel like I have come crashing down this week. Doesn't help that I can't take time off work the whole day when I have apps as they also land in term time and I work in education. 

Just needed a rant!

That's another check up behind you, so perhaps you will feel more positive over the weekend. Every check up is a big deal, although for most people, hospital staff included, it's just business as usual. When you have to rush back to work, it's hard to have the time to process it all. I have my 3 year check in a week or so, and although it feels easier, there is still some trepidation that they might find something. It's a tough old journey as there are lots of ups and downs to negotiate. Glad you have got through it though and can get on with life til the next one! All the best.

Hi Misstell,

Really sorry to hear that you are still having pains. Especially if there seems to be no specific cause to it. I was speaking to a friend the other day and said, "It's over for everyone else because the 'drama' of a diagnosis and surgery and immediate after effects of surgery are done, but it's not over for me."

I find that to be the most frustrating thing because its now checkups and random pains and phone calls with doctors and appointments and appointments and appointments and you just want to get back to normal but what the hell is normal now anyway? I just want to have a month where I'm not reminded but it seems to be neverending so I completely understand your frustrations.

I try to aspire to be positive but sometimes you need to vent and let it off your chest and I know that I for one have gotten extremely angry and upset over things that aren't in my control so vent and rant and grump away. If you can't do it here then where can you!

Fingers crossed for results as always.



Hi mistell

yeah!!! Another checkup completed with great news! Now.... take a breath and brush it off. I think we all know exactly what you are feeling. I'm completely wiped out the week after as my mind and body are just totally exhausted from the pre appointment anxiety. 

What a cycle this is!!

rant away, stomp your feet and get it out!!!!!

focus on work and life and try to be as normal as you can before the next round in 3 months. 

Congrats on the great news! 


Hi ladies! :-)

Not being smug nor gloating in any way, but these days I'm looking back from the other end of the telescope and I have to tell you all that it really is big and sunny out here,  with no ships on the horizon whatsoever!

Be lucky :-)


Thank you all so much for your replies. I think I worked myself up as I was hoping to get the auidit results.

Yes, I agree Gerry. I often wonder if my boss is thinking I look fine and why do I need all these apps. Also its the waiting inbetween and by the time you wait the next app is due! I have kept myself really busy over summer which helped.