Hi all im new to the group and going out of my mind with worry.
I am 28 and recently had a smear test that has shown up some changes related with dyskaryosis and cin. On the report it says endocervical cells seen suggestive of cgin. Also I tested positive for hpv 18. I had a smear test four years before and it was negitive. I had a baby so did not get the next test on time and now feel really silly. I am booked in for colposcopy next Friday but in the mean time I am beside myself with worry that it is cc and keep crying and finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. I’ve also been on the Internet and scared myself silly. I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation x x I have read a lot on this site and there are some very brave ladies on here xx

  • hi katex glad you have found this forum, try not to google it's scary. Cgin means that the cells are further up into the cervical canal, its not any worse than cin, just in a different place. Mines ended up being cin and cgin. Good luck next week at myour colposcopy, be lucky x

Thanks shazzal for replying.

did you find out at your colposcopy or wait until the biopsy?

also can you have just cgin or normally have both cgin and cIn? 

If you dont mind me asking what treatment are you having x 

hi Katex as far as I know you can have both cin and cgin. I was told I had cin3 following smear, then after colposcopy biopsies cgin but unfortunately I was unlucky and also had a tumour, graded at 1b1 so i have just had radical hysterectomy. Fingers crossed all ok for you x

Sorry to hear your news, at least they have found it early and are treating it is that all the treatment you need? Did you have any symptoms. Spent so long worrying i am now feeling calmer and glad that they have found it and it will be dealt with x 

Hi, I had my LLetZ treatment which has also confrimed CIN 2&3 plus high grade CGIN which is what they expected from my smear results.

My results have now being reviewed by a MDT panel for a managemenet plan. I feel totally at a loss as I do not know if the LLETZ treatment was successful or not. I now have to wait untill after the meeting for them to write to me.

It has been such a whirlwind from my smear to the LLETZ and now I am still non the wiser. Has anyone else had there results refferd to a meeting for discussion and if so what happened next.


Hi sunflowerkerry

did you have the lletz at the time of the colposcopy? Also was you having any symptoms? I am worried they won't be able to see if it's cgin as its further up. Will they not write to you regarding your results even tho they are going to do a meeting which so I've heard is standard with cgin. X 

hi, katex.

yes i had my LLETZ at the same time as the colposcopy, at the time i was not aware of the grading as my abnormal smear just said abnormal changes. i should of asked more questions at the time but it was all such a blur and i just agreed to have the LLETZ done ther and then.

My letter just said that it confirmed I had CIN 2&3 plus high grade CGIN and its being reviewed for a management plan on the 11th May.

SO i do not know if it has all been removed or if i will need further treatment. I am going to ring the hospital tomorrow and see if I can get some more answers.

I did not have any symptoms but now i think i have every symptom going, think my head is playing mind games. I just feel at a loss and not sure what to expect next.

 Please try and stay positive, i would suggest maybe making a note of some questions you want to ask, as I wish i had at the time, let me know how you get on and please feel free to message me as I know having someone to talk to really does help.


Hi sunflowerkerry,

my smear test report just said endocervical cells seen suggestive of cgin and when I phoned and asked what grade she said they didn't know! It was a huge shock to me and finding this site has helped massively. I am 28 and have two children and for that I am lucky a bit of me is thinking to request a hysterectomy as I hate all the uncertainy and waiting i think that's the worst part. I think I'm half expecting bad news as as you said my mind has completely run away with me to. I have no symptoms but now I think I have back ache and pains everywhere it's a nightmare. Thanks for the message it really does help when you can speak to people in the same situation as it hard for others to really understand and you feel quite on your own. X I would definatly phone the hospital for your results as it's not fair you don't know yet the good thing to hang on to is that it is not cc and only bad cells xx fingers crossed it's all removed x


Hi, katex

you are right that ur us a huge shock, I am also thinking of  the hystorectomy as I have four children and I'm 39 so don't know if they will consider this, to be honest I don't really have a clue of what to expect and that's what I'm struggling with, but hopefully I will find out when I ring up tomorrow.

 th colposcopy is not as bad as what I thought just like a smear really so please don't worry, but make sure you do ask about anything you are unsure of, the nurses were really positive and kept me chatting. 




oops I completely missed out in my reply to you that I also had lletz under general anaesthetic, that's when they found the tumour. No spread so no chemoradiation required. Fingers crossed for good results for all you lovely ladies waiting, it really is the worst part all the waiting, I used to drive myself crazy! the only symptoms I had were that I was very fatigued for the past 10 mths and had on/off bloated tummy, but these are symptoms of umpteen other things. Be lucky eveyone xx

How scary is it all dealt with now or do you require more treatment xx 

Hi Katex, treatment over just got to recover now. Ankfully it was caught really early and hadn't had chance to spread. It's hard, I'm not used to doing nothing. I really miss my work, ive been off since the lletz treatment in January as I had a lot of pain after it. Once I got the cancer diagnosis my gp told me not to go to work and work have been fantastic. I just want to get back to normal now.

Hi, shazzal

please do try and rest, I am pleased that you have finished your treatment, I totally understand what you mean about work as this is when I am busy and it also keeps my mind off things.