HPV after CGIN and CIN

Hi Lovely People, Im looking for some advice. I had high grade CGIN and CIN 7 years ago and had lletz and cone biopsy treatment for it.

I have been having yearly smear tests which have been normal since. However i missed last years test as since my partner died 2 and half years ago I have been having almost continuos bleeding and they were unable to do any smear tests. I did have this looked into at the hospital and it was put down to hormal due to losing my partner.

My smear test that i managed to squeeze in last week when I briefly stopped bleeding has come back today as normal but with the HPV virus present and that i need a colposcopy. Im aware that they cannot test for CGIN in smear tests so im wondering if the HPV is present does this mean that the CGIN has returned?

Wondering if anyone else has had these kind of results.

Many thanks for reading

Much love xx



Cany you help?

Sorry to hear about your partner :( 

just wanted to post as no-one has, hope it Helps. The fact that HPV is present is does not mean that any CIN or CGIN is definitely there. Yet it does mean that CIN or CGIN cells can grow , but it's not definitive that they have. They send you back to colposcopy due to them wanting to ensure there is no abnormalities. Yes you're right that CGIN is rarely detected on smears so obviously they want to double check further up the canal. Just to give you an idea my friend had her 6 month smear after lettz and her result was normal yet HPV positive, she went to colposcopy, they had a look, discharged her back to 3 year screening. So this could be you too :) fingers crossed for you :) xx

Thank you for your reply and glad all is well with both you and your friend. Rang the hospital today and they are going to do a colposcopy next Thursday so like you say fingers crossed :) xx

Thankyou, and yes I hope it goes as well as possible for you xxx