High Grade CGIN

I’ve only been able to find a couple of dead threads but hoping someone may be able to offer advise.
My biopsy has come back showing CIN2&3 plus high grade CGIN.
Has anyone else had a similar diagnosis and if so what was your treatment plan?
I seem to have intercepted a letter from the consultant to my GP and nobody at the hospital is keen to offer advise until my appointment on 04/03. I just want to be armed with the right questions and a little knowledge when I go so I don’t feel quite as flustered!
Thank you x


that is the same diagnosis I received after my lletz last July, I had to wait 8 weeks for my results and then it went to the Multidisciplinary team meeting where it was agreed that i would go back in January for 6 monthly check, at this appointment I had a normal smear and a brush smear that takes a swab from the cervical canal and had 4 punch biopsies taken, I am now halfway through my wait for the results (it's the bit that drives me mad) but at the appointment she said I will def have to go back in another 6 months but will wait for the results before she puts together a treatment plan (this is the bit that worries me, like did she see something but just needs it confirming) 

im not sure my reply will help you at all as other than the normal waiting and treatment and haven't had any extra treatment but like you I found very little on cgin when I was looking 

hope all goes well for you 

Hi i had high grade cgin i didnt have cin 2 and 3 tho i had another abnormality called smile i had my smear in september end of the month have always had clear smears came back high grade cgin wasnt told this just got a phone call of my gp informing the hospital would be intouch with a urgent coloscopy appointment fast forward two weeks went to clinic and she decribed how the cgin cells were a bit higher up in the cervix so had a lletz to remove a big chunck unfortunately i didnt get clear margins and smile was also found i was disscussed in a mdt meeting , a hysterectomy was recomended as i have completed my family i agreed to this i could of had one more lletz to try to achieve clear margins then return every six months for checks the next few years another lletz tho would of left me with barley any cervix left and was likely in would senosed (close up making smears impossible) so i agreed to hysterectomy i had it done two weeks ago awaiting patholgy results from that now, cgin is a little bugger ive spoke to a few ladies here whilst going through it some were lucky and it didnt show in lletz others its been totally removed but your likely to be closey monitored with 6 monthly smears for a while, if you havent had children or completed your family it can be treated through lletz and closey monitored or go away completly its rather rare and still not researched enough , i found ask the expert on here a great help they answered all my concerns and questions try and stay postive from myself and five other ladies i talked too during the time only i was offered a hysto a lady whom has got no children is being carefully montitored with reg smears im sorry i cant give much about it as i dont know a lot myself but wanted to share my experience as i understand how frustrating and worrying it is if you want any advice or questions message me anytime wishing you lots of luck for your next appointment and a positve outcome x Jo

Thank you so much for your replies. I didn't get any notification that anyone had responded so I hope you don't think I'm rude! 

Just counting down the days now.